Life Life, Age Well

If you didn’t know your age would you feel older or younger? Ageing doesn’t have to be a dreaded decline into disease and disability.

Be better every birthday with steps that put you in your prime all the time.

The body constantly regenerates to reverse the ravages of time.

Rapid cell renewal allows the liver to replicate in six weeks, the skin three weeks, stomach lining four days and eyes every two days. Cells age faster from smoking, sugar, excess alcohol, oxidised fats, chemicals, deficiencies, overeating, pollution and stress.

Fend off free radical damage with fresh air, antioxidants, organic food, monounsaturated fats and relaxation.

Meditation increases cell repairing telomerase. Get a full check up after 40 years. As Theodore Roosevelt remarked, “Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you’ve got to start young.”

Increase the life in your years and the years in your life with the following:


Get emotions off your chest, sidestep stress and sugar to decrease arterial damage.

Have high fibre food and fish or omega-3 fatty supplements which protect the heart and reduce the rate of Alzheimers.


More than 10 minutes sun daily may damage our delicate skin. Wear a hat, sunscreen and avoid midday sun.

Exfoliate and moisturise with plumping aloe vera, jojoba or hyaluronic acid.

Create collagen and banish dark circles with beauty sleep and rosehip oil.

Vitamin A, D, E, C, zinc, collagen and fatty acids promote supple skin. Chromium lowers blood sugar which can increase skin wrinkling.


Protect eyes with sunglasses, chemical free makeup, fennel tea and eye exercises.

Supplements lutein, bilberry, bioflavonoids, zinc and vitamin A are documented to improve eyesight.


Preserve your hair colour and thickness with chemical free products, coconut oil and scalp massage. Iron, B vitamins and protein are essential for healthy hair.

Hormonal hair loss can be reduced with internal saw palmetto or fenugreek and rosemary essential oil externally.


Prevent painful teeth problems by swilling sesame oil, flossing, taking calcium, magnesium and boron.


Weight bearing exercise, sufficient calcium, magnesium, protein and vitamin D3 all build healthy bones. Avoid depleting caffeine, soft drinks, sugar, acidic foods and excess protein.


Boost brain function with study, word games, conversation, exercise, meditation, fatty acids, vitamin B complex, selenium, zinc, brahmi and ginkgo.

Stress, smoking, alcohol and depression destroy brain cells. Curcumin may help counteract Alzheimers by blocking beta-amyloid in the brain.


Keep your hormone fountain flowing with bio-identical HRT, phytoestrogens, ginseng, withania and natural lubricants. These can improve libido, lubrication, skin, bone density and menopausal symptoms.


If you move it, you won’t lose it.

Stay balanced with pelvic floor exercises, pilates, yoga and qi gong.

Weight training treats stooped posture and trembling of the elderly due to motor neuron death or senile sarcopenia.

Magnesium supplements are known to reduce muscle tension, lessen pain associated with migraines, improve sleep and help manage anxiety.

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*Disclaimer: Some information as mentioned above has been extracted from the Go Mag.

Pictured is Pete & Lee Teusner of Go Vita Tanunda