Do you remember what it is like to have a new puppy?

Accidents on the floor, shredded toilet paper and missing socks are part of the fun of having a new ‘furbaby’ in the house.  Learning how to manage these incidents and guiding your puppy through this challenging period is paramount, as behavioural problems in adolescent and adult dogs are the number one reason for surrender to the AWL. 

However, there are several great ways to help prevent problems and to make coping with the challenges of having a new puppy in the house easier.

The Nuriootpa clinic’s new secure outside area is perfect for training and will be ready for 2018 classes.

Our trainer Sara Martin, Certificate 4 Companion Animal Services continues her education and qualifications with the Delta Society and Australian Veterinary Behaviour Services to present current force free methods of training.

Puppy PreSchool® puppies aged between 8-16 weeks

Puppy PreSchool® teaches your puppy basic training, good manners and the importance of socialisation. Our trainer will discuss parasite control, desexing, vaccination, dental care, nutrition, anxiety and stress signals, grooming and handling and basic health plus show you appropriate puppy play behaviour.

This is a critical learning period and careful yet simple techniques will influence their ability to cope in adult years.

Normal puppies not socialised to a range of everyday experiences at this age will never reach their full potential.

Our clinic will guide you and your puppy in a force free reward based sterile environment.

Puppies enjoy these sessions graduating with basic skills of sit, drop, stand, stay, walk calmly on lead and going to their mat.

It is also obvious to our clinic staff which puppies have attended these sessions as they love the vet visit!

Pre-requisite: first vaccination. Duration: 1 hour per week, for 5 consecutive weeks.

Junior Manners Puppy PreSchool® graduates

This course is perfect for teenage puppies continuing their basic manners. Junior Manners is suited to Puppy PreSchool® graduates perfecting already learned skills in our new secure outdoor area.

Pre-requisite: Puppy PreSchool®, vaccination, intestinal worming. Duration: 1 hour per week, for 5 consecutive weeks.

Junior Manners – Dogs aged between 3-6 months

If your puppy has not attended previous training sessions this course is for you.

Our trainer will introduce you to the force free way of learning basic manners such as sit, drop, stay, improved lead walking and going to their mat.

Pre-requisite: Vaccination, intestinal worming. Duration: 1 hour per week, for 5 consecutive weeks.

Do you have questions? After some further advice? You can reach Catherine via or visit their website for more information.


Catherine Harper of Barossa & Kapunda Veterinary Clinic