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Beers for a Barossa winter WORDS & PHOTOGRAPHY John Krüger BEER REVIEWS Beers for a Barossa Winter During the cooler months our needs change. We don’t require refreshment as much as we desire nourishment. Just as a hearty stew warms us and makes...

Wine Reviews

Wine reviews for spring with Tyson Stelzer 96 POINTS // $75 dutschke oscar semmler St Jakobi Vineyard Shiraz 2016 A dense singularity of black fruit power and high cocoa dark chocolate oak is the signature of Oscar, but it is lifted violet fragrance, fine-boned...
Wine reviews for winter with Tyson Stelzer 96 POINTS // $75 TORBRECK THE GASK EDEN VALLEY SHIRAZ 2017 A slick and sophisticated Gask that unites tremendous depth of black fruits with magnificent Eden Valley white pepper and spice, at once compact and yet with immense...

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