Teacher’s pets

Some people say you should never work with children or animals. No one told Sally Pfeiffer that. For this retired teacher, grandmother, and wildlife carer, they’re two of life’s greatest pleasures.

Heart and sole

For more than 40 years he’s worked with care and commitment to restore scuffed soles and tired toe boxes, but healing John Harris’ own soul has taken a lifetime of love and trust in God’s plan.

Tips to improve Women’s Health

Women’s health is an integral part of a healthy society, that's why we have an ongoing commitment towards improving women's health through education, awareness and healthy habits.

The sensory garden

A sensory garden is created to stimulate and appeal to all the senses - smell, sound, sight, touch and taste. Sensory gardens are great for both children and adults alike and are a great place to connect with and explore nature. They can be a great place of learning and also a haven and a place to relax and unwind.

Sustainable Beauty

For third generation horticulturalist Aleisha Lynch, a love for the all things plants and flowers was something that came naturally.

A Sweet Treat for us all

If you’ve been to the Barossa Farmers Market recently, you may have recognised a familiar face and most definitely been tempted by the new mouth-watering addition to our popular Saturday institution.

Building a positive outcome

It can be challenging to find something to be passionate about and even more difficult to apply the motivation required to succeed. But few things can be harder than having your chance to achieve your ambitions taken away.

Rain, Hale or shine

Under the cool dapple of late winter sunshine, 46-year-old Matt Hale taps the go button on his Garmin and leans into a pine-bristled trailhead at the South Para Reservoir, his Tevasphere runners sounding out a rhythmic thud-thud-thud as he settles into a comfortable pace for an eight kilometre run.

From patients to patience

“I quite like that,” says Jo Irvine thoughtfully, holding her glass to the light to take a better look. “Sweet, spicy and juicy, like a merlot should be – you don’t want to manipulate it too much.”

In the lane of duty

It’s early in the morning when Craig “Funky” Doecke pulls his immaculately presented truck, aptly named “The Beauty”, out of his Angaston driveway, the throaty rev of the diesel engine swelling over birdsong in the muted tones of first light.

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