It’s all about the F word at Anytime Fitness


It’s all about the F word at Anytime Fitness

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kerrie-anne wager // anytime fitness angaston & nuriootpa
>> PHOTO: Back: Michael Cavanagh, Hayden Martin (Exercise Physiologist), Jordan Von Stanke, Kaleb Rohde, Tom Holmes and Nathan Seychell.
Back: Brodie Ireland (Club Manager), Kerrie-anne Wager (Club Owner), Joom Conley and Kelly Nairn.

New journeys and new directions can sometimes be a little daunting… And so, it should come as no real surprise that joining a gym can often fall into this category for many people.

At Anytime Fitness Nuriootpa and Angaston, we put the important things first to make sure you feel welcome right from day one.

After starting our own journey six years ago with the opening of the Angaston gym, my husband, Rick Wager and myself were in a similar position… A new beginning, a little unsure but definitely excited by what was to come.

Very quickly, we found our place in this beautiful community. The locals had our back and our gym began to grow.

The opportunity to expand to a second gym in Nuriootpa followed in coming years and now we have this wonderful fitness focussed family of people who know what it means to be part of the team.

The following are some of the reasons our members love their time with Anytime Fitness…

We make it a fun experience

Fitness should always be a positive experience. If you get stuck with the same old exercises each time you work out, it will quickly become boring and lead to becoming unmotivated.

Try and mix it up by adding variety to your workout. It might be a small change to the normal routine, or it might be something entirely new…

We offer regular in-gym challenges for our members, offering a change of pace and something new and fun to try.

And if your still stuck, say hi next time you’re in and we can offer suggestions.

A genuine focus on fitness

Through the regular improvement of our facilities and availability of personal trainers, we continue to offer a quality service that our members have come to expect.

Exciting news for both regular and new Angaston members is a total refit is coming up very soon.

Upgraded equipment and more variety is just around the corner. Keep an eye on our socials for more updates!

We are one big happy family

Whether you prefer to work out alone or you’re looking to add to your own social experience, Anytime Fitness is a growing family you can trust and feel comfortable with.

We respect each other’s privacy but at the same time have your back no matter what you need.

The Barossa region is a wonderful community and the warmth and acceptance that you know so well is an important part of our day-to-day lifestyle within the gym.

The office is always open (during staffed hours) and we are always up for a chat.

So don’t be shy Barossa… Come say ‘Hi’ to our team and find out how you can become part of our family.

Kerrie-Anne Wager


If you have any questions you would like answered, feel free to leave a comment online on the Barossa Mag’s website. If you prefer a chat face-to-face, drop in and say ‘Hi’ at one of our gyms.

Happy exercising!

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