Grace, Michael and Skye Hemphill from Nature and Nurture Farms in Rosedale with the family quails and new business products.

Supporting Barossa’s primary producers

Nature and Nurture Farms, Rosedale, are expanding their business and focusing on primarily selling premium wholesale food to businesses around South Australia after rebranding from the previous venture, Barossa Birds, to move into an area of the industry they are more passionate about, high-quality food.

Previously, Nature and Nurture Farms were providing quality meat birds, chicken and quail, at Mount Pleasant and Barossa markets. The big move stemmed from the difficulty of scaling up their business, even though it was doing rather well.

The move to premium wholesale foods has something to do with their passion for food while holding to their ethical standards when it comes to produce.

Owner, Michael Hemphill, said that it has been fantastic working with primary producers, chefs and manufacturers in creating their new products which include heritage pork sausages, chicken stock, chicken bone broth, and more.

“We are working with local chefs to develop recipes and local manufacturers, like butchers and commercial kitchens, some in the Barossa, some in town, to create the products. It’s all locally sourced from farmers like us with ethical principles and chemical free. Really premium produce,” said Michael.

“It was so hard to choose a name, what we are trying to say is it’s about the ethical and humane approach to raising produce and farming which is really crucial to use. Allowing animals to have their natural lives as much as possible and to look after them, which is the nurturing side.

“That all feeds into our ethical labelling and business management processes which underpins our whole brand. It’s really important to us and hopefully that is a point of difference that people appreciate.”

Nature and Nurture Farms are hoping to expand their business into new products, with chicken nuggets on the horizon for the company to produce.

Currently, the business is enjoying the work they are doing with local chefs and manufacturers to create their recipes of premium quality wholesale food.

Michael said that the local chefs, butchers and producers have been incredibly supportive in their endeavours, which is also giving those businesses more business.

Nature and Nurture Farms are looking to add more stores to their customer list, and hoping to work with more independent and premium retailers.

“We are lining up with our ethical approach of staying local and supporting the community, while having premium food readily available to people that is what it says it is. Truth in labelling is critical. It’s all very exciting,” said Michael.

“It’s the community aspect and the high-quality produce in the Barossa that we have really connected with in the region. That’s all that really matters. The quality of the food manufacturing at the butchers and all the other guys are just amazing, the chefs are amazing.

“We thought this will be a great way to really keep our focus and passion on food going, and not spend all of our time running the farm. Going to specialists in each area to help get our products going.”

Michael said they are also hoping to make big changes in the future by building a facility to manufacture more products that can be distributed interstate along the East coast.

Supporting their local area and local producers through their premium wholesale food products is the main goal for Nature and Nurture Farms. They are very excited for what the future holds with the new phase of their business.


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