Welcome, summer!


Welcome, summer!

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KRISTA WOHLSTADT // orchard lane
>> Reanna Heinrich wears a check panel dress by Threadz and Megan Giersch wears a teal Zena top and pants by eb&ive. Wide brim summer hats by Sundaise.

We are ready for summer in Orchard Lane.

So many exciting new labels have just landed; think sunshine, fun and holidays.

With a combination of bright and cool colours as well as beautiful textures such as linen and silk, the summer fashion is comfortable and timeless. Ready to wear for all ages, shapes and sizes!

One of the latest brands to land in-store is ‘isle of mine’. 

We love both the style and quality of this label – each garment is ethically sourced, trims are threaded by hand and every fabric roll is checked for faults before delivery to Orchard Lane.

It’s an eclectic collection made up of silky dresses, graceful kaftans, linen skirts, shirts and singlets. All effortless, stylish and comfortable!

There are so many fun ways to style prints, colours and textures.

Wearing bright colours can often feel a little overwhelming at times.

However, if you start with primary colours such as blue, red and yellow, other shades of colour will become easier to style within your outfit, for example pink, lilac and orange.

The colour wheel is a great tool when it comes to selecting those bolder items.

Essentially, colours next to each other on the wheel will work beautifully when transforming your summer outfit.

Vibrant colours are also always guaranteed to lift your mood!

No matter what your style, patterns are a great addition to improve your wardrobe’s personality.

If you are new to wearing patterns or unsure how to add them to your outfit, consider patterned accessories for a 
bold and chic look.

It is easier to start small by incorporating a printed scarf, leopard shoes or colourful earrings.

Before you know it, these small adjustments will completely transform your vibrant outfit.

To create a streamlined outfit when styling prints, colours and textures, match at least one colour that brings the whole look together.

This can simply be achieved through pairing your heels to a colour in your kaftan, or accessorising with earrings which match your dress. 

Be adventurous and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Just do it with confidence!

Shop Orchard Lane this summer to get organised whilst also feeling stylish and bright.

Krista Wohlstadt

orchard lane

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