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>> Lewis White, Jack Fitzgerald with Employment Services Manager Barry Sims

Barossa Enterprises, the largest employer of People with Disability in regional South Australia continue to offer a wealth of support for keen learners through their School Leaver Employment Supports programme.

The service supported through the NDIS offers students in their final year of school, and those who have recently left school who are eligible NDIS participants the opportunity to develop confidence and employability skills for up to two years.

The programme allows individuals to experience a work environment which assists in developing an understanding of what skills it takes to be employable.

Barossa Enterprises Employment Services Manager, Mr Barry Sims spoke to The Barossa Mag about the successful programme.

“At Barossa Enterprises we provide support every step of the way,” he added.

“That’s our point of difference.

“We work closely with the schools and local area co-ordinators to make sure participants are supported to trial work in their chosen field.

“There is a lot of research which goes into identifying the right support worker for the individual.

“It’s a very crucial aspect of the programme.

“We recruit a range of male and female support workers which can be tailored to fit the individual’s personality.

“It’s a very personalised programme which treats people with dignity and respect.”

>> Jack Fitzgerald with support worker John Panayiotou

“I’m very comfortable with the staff and I always look forward to my time with them learning about employment.”

- Jack fitzgerald

The programme involves four phases, the first being an assessment phase which helps to determine the participant’s current situation, skills and aspirations.

Nuriootpa High School Year 12 student, Jack Fitzgerald who is involved in the programme, said he is enjoying the experience.

“I’m enjoying what I’m learning.,” he said.

“I’m very comfortable with the staff and I always look forward to my time with them learning about employment.

“I’ve enjoyed exploring employment options and our worksite visits.”

Support worker, Mr John Panayiotou said it is heartening to see Jack and other applicants succeed through the different phases.

“It means a great deal to a participant,” he said.

“Jack has been really great to work with.

“We make sure that there is no unwanted pressure on the participants and ensure the service is tailored to each individual.”


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