Get to know the 2019 Barossa Young Ambassadors



21 Years Old




Student – Winemaking

What did you enjoy about the Ambassador’s programme?

I enjoyed every aspect of the programme. It has allowed me to research Barossa wines and wineries along with teaching me the unique Barossa history of food, land and culture. 

What have you learnt over this experience?

This programme has helped me grow as a person through skill building, networking and personal development. My interview skills along with presentational skills have developed to make me feel confident going into a career here in the Barossa. 

Why should other people get involved in the Ambassador’s programme?

I encourage anyone who is passionate about the Barossa community to get involved. You will have the opportunity to gain experience by organising a major event (Vintage Festival) along with networking opportunities, in-depth project research and making some great friend along the way!

What was a stand-out memory for you over the programme?

The stand-out memory for this programme was being able meet some of the pillars of Barossa Wine. We were lucky to be able to network and have behind the scenes tours at a couple of the wineries as well!

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