Get to know the 2019 Barossa Young Ambassadors



23 Years Old




Wine Ambassador at Peter Lehmann Wines

What did you enjoy about the Ambassador’s programme?

Absolutely everything! Probably sounds cliché but it is entirely true. Being a part of the Young Ambassador’s programme has been such an amazing and rewarding experience in so many ways. The places we have got to visit, the things we have learnt and the events we have been involved in have all been great experiences. 

It has been great to get to know a wonderful group of like-minded young Barossans throughout the programme, who have all had a major impact on my experience. 

Getting to meet and work with a variety of leaders within many different aspects of the Barossa community has also been an incredible opportunity.

What have you learnt over this experience?

I have learnt so much about the Barossa, in particular the Barossa’s history, which you cannot find on the internet or in books, only passed on through the locals. 

Even though I have lived here my entire life, by talking to so many different people I have learnt so much that I can now pass on and share with others.

Why should other people get involved in the Ambassador’s programme?

To play a role in a historic Barossa tradition – The Barossa Vintage Festival. We live in such a special place that celebrates its history and keeps its traditions alive through the Vintage Festival, and it is such a wonderful opportunity to be a part of something so unique and help to get the younger generations interested and involved. 

The relationships you build with so many different people along the way are also very worthwhile for both your personal and professional life.

What was a stand-out memory for you over the programme?

A stand out so far for me was being able to present my personal project. I completed my project on Barossa Food and loved finally being able to share my idea with a wider audience, as it was something I enjoyed creating and was so passionate about. 

Being a part of the Vintage Festival Parade Committee has also been a highlight.

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