Get to know the 2019 Barossa Young Ambassadors



26 Years Old




Tourism Services Officer

What did you enjoy about the Ambassador’s programme?

During the 2019 Barossa Young Ambassador programme I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to collaborate with like-minded people of the Barossa. 

I have enjoyed sitting on the Scarecrow Trail Committee, and to work on creating a fun and successful Vintage Festival event. 

I have enjoyed networking with industry professionals in the Barossa, developing my career with various skills and promoting the Barossa Vintage Festival over various channels. 

What have you learnt over this experience?

I have learnt how to encourage personal growth by stepping outside of my comfort zone. For example, through public speaking and going on the radio to promote the Young Ambassador programme and Barossa Vintage Festival. 

Overall, I have learnt an incredible amount about the community of the Barossa, and the beautiful region that I live in. 

Why should other people get involved in the Ambassador’s programme?

The Barossa Young Ambassador programme is such a unique and special opportunity for young people of the Barossa to be involved in an iconic community event. It allows excellent personal development and many friendships and networks to be made.

What was a stand-out memory for you over the programme?

A stand-out memory for me during this programme was the Speed-Networking workshop that involved 10 Barossa professionals from various industries. 

The workshop allowed us the opportunity to have a 10 minute one-on-one chat to them all in the one space. I believe this workshop was an invaluable part of the programme.

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