Get to know the 2019 Barossa Young Ambassadors



22 Years Old




Office Assistant in the Schubert Electorate Office

What did you enjoy about the Ambassador’s programme?

I enjoyed meeting not only the other Young Ambassadors for this Vintage Festival, but past Young Ambassadors, event convenors and business professionals within the Barossa region. 

Hearing how far the Young Ambassador’s programme has come since its inception makes me proud to say that I am a YAB. I’ve really loved being on the sub-committee for the Vintage Festival Ball. Being a sell-out event, it’s sure to be a good one!

What have you learnt over this experience?

I’ve learnt that the Barossa has a truly great community. The amount of people that are working behind the scenes to bring the Vintage Festival to life is extraordinary. 

When I think about how much everyone has come together and how far along the event planning is, I am so grateful for every person who has put their hand up to do something.

Why should other people get involved in the Ambassador’s programme?

It is a great way to build a local network. It will take you beyond saying ‘hi’ to someone down the main street in passing, to getting involved with that person’s local business or Vintage Festival event they’re helping with. It is also a chance for you to have an input on the Festival events around you. 

Making an event great for the community is truly a rewarding experience. The Vintage Festival aside, the programme is a great opportunity for personal development.

What was a stand-out memory for you over the programme?

Across the programme, I really enjoyed working on my personal project. The project structure ensured that our group covered the main pillars of the Barossa: Tourism, History, Youth and Food. 

Each of us were given one of the four topics to base our project on and this was the ultimate chance to have our say on what we think could benefit the Barossa in one of those main areas. 

Also, for this Vintage Festival a mentoring system was introduced so that all of the Young Ambassadors had someone to guide them and keep us on track to produce the best project we could.

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