The Silent Invasion, by James Bradley

Ten years after an outbreak of DNA altering spores, the world is being infected; plant life, animals, even humans.

When 16 year old Callie discovers that her 5 year old sister Gracie is changing, she flees to escape the ruthless Quarantine officer’s and heads for the Zone, an area outside their jurisdiction located in the far north of Australia.

The blurb suggests that the infection has come from space and that people are becoming part of a vast alien intelligence. This is no doubt a preview of things to come in the sequel, as I found nothing but mystery surrounding the cause, and no mention of aliens.

This novel is a thrilling adventure; a page turner with a post war, apocalypse feel surrounded by mystery that had me eagerly reading Callie’s desperate journey to save her sister until the startling end.

Though, a word of warning for dog lovers, it contains a rather brutal mistreatment of an infected dog.

The Silent Invasion is part one of a new trilogy by award-winning Australian author James Bradley.

It’s an entertaining read that I would recommend for anyone 12 +

Available now from Ravens Parlour book store, Tanunda.


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Todd Kuchel, The Barossa Mag contributor