Lenny’s Book of Everything

Written by Karen Foxlee



Lenny Spink has a brother named Davey who has something peculiar that just isn’t quite right, he won’t stop growing.
With their mother working two jobs, Lenny and Davey spend much of their time in the care of their elderly neighbour, Mrs Caspar.
Mrs Caspar has two Pomeranians, a home littered with ash trays and doilies and watches ‘Days of our Lives’ religiously.
Mrs Caspar also shares Lenny and Davey’s enthusiasm for the information within the pages of the encyclopaedias their mother won in a competition.
As each edition arrives from A – Z throughout the story, Lenny and Davey learn of the world and dream in their beds at night of travelling to distant corners of the world.
When finally their mother obtains the courage to enrol Davey at school, he has grown to the height of a fifth grader.
This is a touching moment that captures the anxiety surrounding the first day of school beautifully, shedding light on both cruelty and acceptance.
As Davey’s condition declines, the weight of the world falls upon Lenny.
This is a character based story that absolutely throws you right into Lenny’s life as though these characters truly exist. I have no doubt that it will give every one of its readers something to relate to and even some déjà vu.
Lenny’s book of Everything is now available from The Ravens Parlour Book Store, Tanunda.



Todd Kuchel, The Barossa Mag contributor