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Tim Steele of Logisolar

Tell us about your food journey.

Over a third of Australian fruit is wasted, with lots of less than perfect fruit not even leaving the farm. I invented a mobile solar-powered fruit dryer and source ‘rescue’ fruit from primary producers to be dried, thus reducing food waste in an environmentally-conscious way. 

What products do you make?

I make a wide range of dried fruit. These include dried apples, pears, nectarine. apricots, kiwi fruit and oranges, as well as dried cheese-platter mixtures and dried nectar.

What helps make you products special?

All of our dried fruits are sulphur free. Some of the dried fruits require lemon juice or vinegar to be preserved, but customers can feel assured their healthy snack is free of artificial preservatives. We place an emphasis on environmentally-responsible and ethical business practices. 

Who will customers meet at your stall ?

Tim Steele is at his stall at the farmers market most Saturdays.

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Every Saturday Morning 7:30AM – 11:30am


Corner Nuriootopa and Stockwell Roads, Angaston


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