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Local Barossa business has tails wagging by advancing animal health.

A Barossa based company is keeping tails wagging with its range of products which are receiving high praise from happy pet owners and animal health professionals across Australia and New Zealand.

>> Brothers and business owners of EAC Animal Care - Daniel, Luke and Nigel Steinborner.

EAC Animal Care (EAC), the creators of innovative, science-based, neutraceutical animal health care supplements, was founded by Steinborner brothers, Luke, Nigel, Daniel and Bill in August 2017 alongside immunologist, Dr Danny Xue.

The outstanding success of their range – including their flagship product, “in-sideout” which is an intestinal health care supplement that works to support immune health and improve the overall wellbeing of animals – has enabled them to expand into a new location in Tanunda.

Co-founder, Luke says the team is proud of the company’s growth after what he describes as humble beginnings.

He had a lengthy career in the livestock and animal nutrition industry before EAC was founded, and says it was ironic that a ‘gut feeling,’ shared with Dr Danny Xue, had ignited the passion to holistically formulate products to naturally support animal health and wellbeing .

EAC’s key focus of nature backed by science and investment in technical knowledge has allowed the company to not only remain at the forefront of advancing animal health, but also flourish, despite the challenges of worldwide events.

“We are extremely grateful for the support of our customers and consider ourselves very fortunate to support their four-legged companions,” Luke says.

“We are driven by the positive impact we have on the health and wellbeing of our customers, their companions and the peace of mind this brings them”

- luke steinborner

Another cornerstone of EAC’s success is their scientific team of Dr Danny Xue, animal immunity and gut health specialist; Dr Kate Mornement, animal behaviouralist; Dr Sarah Weaver, animal nutritionist and, more recently, veterinarian, Dr Lucas van Oijen, EquiClinic.

“Dr Lucas’ vast experience in all aspects of equine health is a valuable asset to our brand and product range as we move forward,” Luke says.

The entire team are dedicated to the continual growth of EAC with their success prompting accelerated planning of new releases to join the product range.

Luke is excited for what the future holds for EAC as they continue to look after those who are the inspiration behind their work.

“We are driven by the positive impact we have on the health and wellbeing of our customers, their companions and the peace of mind this brings them.”

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