A healthy pet is a happy pet

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A healthy pet is a happy pet

words by
catherine harper // Barossa Veterinary clinic

Many health problems we see in domestic pets can be avoided by changing the day to day regime of how we care for our animals. 

An easy example of this: heartworm prevention must be given on time every month, but how often do we end up a few days late, leaving our pet at risk?

We understand the challenges to getting it right all the time, we face them too; families, jobs, children, financial limitations and sometimes life just gets hectic.

As veterinarians, we want to help you get this right and allow you to keep your pets healthy for as long as possible, while also helping to educate you about signs to look for and get checked early if there is a concern. 

That is why Barossa Vet Service is excited to announce the new Healthy Pets Club. 

Healthy Pets Club is a service that allows the cost of routine check-ups and preventative care for your pet to be split into easy monthly payments. 

The programme includes all preventative care with the convenience of products delivered to your door and reminders sent to your phone at no extra cost. 

By spreading the cost over 12 months, we help you to make care more affordable as well as providing added benefits through discounts and invitations to educational evenings. 

Why does your pet need to join? Well, it’s a club, and everyone wants to be in the club! 

But your pet gets to visit us more regularly at no extra cost, as we encourage two full health checks per year, discounts on dental procedures to keep their breath pleasant, unlimited nail clips and nurse consultations, all vaccinations they need.

There are preventatives to keep those nasty parasites away and most importantly, peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to keep your pet well. (Interested, but not from around the Barossa, ask your vet if they have something similar!)

We all know that healthy pets are happy pets!

Catherine Harper