A positive step for women in the Arts

The Barossa Women’s Artist Residency Project, driven by The Barossa Council and the Barossa Regional Gallery, aims to reduce this inequity by providing established female artists an opportunity to experiment and grow their practice within the environs of the Barossa region.

Best on the field

In Nuriootpa’s Centennial Park, tucked away past the netball courts, crickets nets and the Scouts’ hall, sits the Barossa United Football Club’s (BUFC) newly completed synthetic pitch, just in time for the 2023 season to kick off in March.

The perfect blend

Given his time over, Jamie Nietschke probably wouldn’t co-locate a dairy and a vineyard on the variable soils of the Moppa, but he’s not complaining – in fact, he’s counting his blessings.

The simple pleasures in life

Beneath the exquisite haute couture and accessories, it’s Jill Wehr’s joie de vivre that resonates from the pages of the 2023 Barossa Vintage Festival programme.

Racing towards a dream

Brad Vaughan is following his childhood dream of becoming a race-car-driver in Australia’s top level, Supercars.

Queen of cakes

She may be show baking royalty, but Valmai Auricht rules with people at her heart, and a love of sharing life’s homely riches.

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The progressive protagonist

They say few things bring protagonists a deeper sense of fulfilment than guiding friends and loved ones to grow into their best selves.

Roland Weight

A ‘mostly’ portrait and ‘brief’ interview series exploring the idea that one image has the power to tell the whole story. Each ‘sitter’ suggests the next person to be photographed in this series, and thus ensues an interesting and unknown trail of Barossa identities to come.

Local Updates

Lamb Shank Pot Pie

A winter favourite, this saucy lamb shank pot pie is absolutely delicious. Lamb shanks, vegetables, red wine, herbs and tomatoes are combined with Chorizo and topped with crisp, flaky puff pastry to create a visually stunning dish that tastes even better than it looks.

Vintage Queen

Created with a limited-edition Vintage Festival Gin (a collab between Seppeltsfield Rd Distillers and Barossa Vintage Festival), the Vintage Queen cocktail delivers a sweet flavour with nutty and buttery textures, think traditional Bienenstich and German Cake in a glass.

Cheesy Zucchini and Feta Loaf

This loaf is delicious on its own and also fantastic with poached eggs for breakfast, and/or topped with avocado. Can be made with gluten free flour if you are gluten/wheat intolerant.

Sunset Spritz

Sunset Spritz is a favourite at The Louise. Combining house-made lemon myrtle syrup, local vodka and sparkling water it’s an easy and delicious spritz to make at home – but it’s so much better to have Appellation do it for you before an unforgettable dinner.

Linda & Luciano’s Wedding

It was time. October 2, 2022 was the day that Linda Kaye and Luciano Peruch celebrated their love. After meeting as work colleagues, it was 15 years later that the two would marry.

Jamie & Brooke’s Wedding

While the date, Friday the 13th might appear peculiar or superstitious to some, it was more a case of ‘I can’t wait to marry this girl’ for Jamie who just couldn’t wait to propose to Brooke.

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Underground is for family

In a 127 year old cellar in the main street of Tanunda, a clutch of special family brands, has been given a unique home in which to nest.

Local Beer

Meet the locals

As the nights get colder and colder our minds wander to hearty nourishing comfort food. It’s similar with beers.
Ideal winter beers are local and fresh of course, but also malt driven, with more body than thin summer lagers.

Planting by the moon

Gardening by the moon is not a new concept, and no, it doesn’t mean gardening in the middle of the night! It has been around for a very long time and in recent times, has had a resurgence in popularity.

Feeling fatigued?

We all get a bit tired from time to time. If you need an energy boost, here are some ideas to consider.

Awaken the senses for autumn

When preparing the home for the cooler months, the bathroom may not be the first place that comes to mind. However, now that we’re beginning to retreat into our homes, its important for that sanctuary feel to extend to every room!

The Preserving Works

Lion Brand groceries were produced by D & J Fowler, and their main Adelaide building, topped with a lion statue, still stands at North Terrace as the Lion Arts Factory.

Cats get arthritis too…

As we head into the cooler weather, we all become more aware of stiff or sore joints. Dogs tell us when things hurt. They limp, they are slow to get up and they don’t want to run around as much. Our feline friends are much better at hiding these signs.

The Girl Who Fell From The Sky

The Girl Who Fell From The Sky is a non-fiction which shares the Author, Emma Carey’s very own incredible story of how she survived a 14,000-foot free-fall drop without a parachute.

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