The People

Homegrown herbal teas

Kristee Semmler of Barossa Nursery shares a list of her favourite herbs to use in fresh teas and some of their surprising benefits.

Wings of passion

Lincoln Nitschke’s interest in airplanes began when he was a young lad. “I used to fly with a control line model aircraft,” Lincoln shares, “and also had a great interest in building plastic scale kit models.” Lincoln’s first model came as a gift from his mother, who had bought it from Nuriootpa for two and sixpence.

In their corner

In the peachy glow of a Barossa sunrise, 47-year-old Teresa Gerlach clicks the front door closed and steps out along the tidy tree-lined street of her historic home at Nuriootpa. Her Maltese Poodle, Luca, trots loyally at her ankles, silent companion to this daily ritual – Teresa’s mental and physical “reset” before she willingly hands over her daily attention to the needs of others.

Ripening Innovation

Amanda Mader’s journey through viticulture exemplifies resilience, determination, bold risk-taking and a deep love for the land. Affectionately known as Mandy, she shines as a woman in innovation as she pioneers a new era in vineyard management.

One foot in front of the other

For close to 40 years, Mark Weaver’s tools of the trade were police-issued handcuffs and the words of wisdom he carried in his police warrant card: “The loser says it’s possible but too difficult; the winner say it’s difficult, but it’s possible”.

A mission and a promise

Helen Wilhelm not only believes in miracles – she is one. Despite facing a lifetime of physical disability and a near-death experience, she has devoted her life in service of others, and faces every challenge with a heart of gratitude and faith.

Community spirit through and through

Budgie Schiller has lived at Eudunda his entire life and is known by the community as a generous man, who believes strongly in treating people fairly and who goes out of his way to help whenever he can.

Call me Mr Mac

Chalk dust and teenage anticipation season the air of an otherwise unremarkable transportable classroom at Nuriootpa High School. It’s 1981, and a fit middle aged man with a neatly kept full beard, curly dark hair and glasses stands at the front of the class, preparing to address his first ever cohort of design students.

Cold blooded compassion

Dan Marshall has a few loves in his life, but it’s not quite what you think. “Indie, she’s an absolute sweetheart,” says Dan, referring to the 2.5 metre long Murray Darling carpet python curled up in his backyard shed.

Raising the barre

As the curtain rises, Alice Cook graces the stage with the confidence, poise and composure of a professional ballet dancer.

A wish and a smile

For this group of volunteers, making wishes come true starts with the simple act of believing anything is possible.

A gentleman never blows his own trumpet

For 34 years, Gordon Alderslade has been a dependable figure in the Barossa Valley, providing reliable service, jobs, and opportunities to our community as manager of Barossa Valley Toyota.

A winning spirit on and off the pitch

Peek inside the inner sanctum of ‘The Schlungers’ and you’ll find a club as tight as the veil of secrecy that surrounds it. The traditions and rituals passed down through the annals of Greenock Cricket Club are matched only by the creativity of those who invented them.

Destined to perform

Chloe Seabrook has been performing since she was eight years old. Her love for the stage began in musical theatre and she has performed in countless musicals with Adelaide Youth Theatre and other companies through her young teens.

Teacher’s pets

Some people say you should never work with children or animals. No one told Sally Pfeiffer that. For this retired teacher, grandmother, and wildlife carer, they’re two of life’s greatest pleasures.

Heart and sole

For more than 40 years he’s worked with care and commitment to restore scuffed soles and tired toe boxes, but healing John Harris’ own soul has taken a lifetime of love and trust in God’s plan.

Tips to improve Women’s Health

Women’s health is an integral part of a healthy society, that’s why we have an ongoing commitment towards improving women’s health through education, awareness and healthy habits.

The sensory garden

A sensory garden is created to stimulate and appeal to all the senses – smell, sound, sight, touch and taste. Sensory gardens are great for both children and adults alike and are a great place to connect with and explore nature. They can be a great place of learning and also a haven and a place to relax and unwind.

Sustainable Beauty

For third generation horticulturalist Aleisha Lynch, a love for the all things plants and flowers was something that came naturally.

A Sweet Treat for us all

If you’ve been to the Barossa Farmers Market recently, you may have recognised a familiar face and most definitely been tempted by the new mouth-watering addition to our popular Saturday institution.

Building a positive outcome

It can be challenging to find something to be passionate about and even more difficult to apply the motivation required to succeed. But few things can be harder than having your chance to achieve your ambitions taken away.

Rain, Hale or shine

Under the cool dapple of late winter sunshine, 46-year-old Matt Hale taps the go button on his Garmin and leans into a pine-bristled trailhead at the South Para Reservoir, his Tevasphere runners sounding out a rhythmic thud-thud-thud as he settles into a comfortable pace for an eight kilometre run.

From patients to patience

“I quite like that,” says Jo Irvine thoughtfully, holding her glass to the light to take a better look. “Sweet, spicy and juicy, like a merlot should be – you don’t want to manipulate it too much.”

In the lane of duty

It’s early in the morning when Craig “Funky” Doecke pulls his immaculately presented truck, aptly named “The Beauty”, out of his Angaston driveway, the throaty rev of the diesel engine swelling over birdsong in the muted tones of first light.

Mignon’s holistic healthy legacy

For Mignon Sich, food for the soul has been as vital as a lifetime of healthy living. A pioneer of the Barossa fitness industry, Mignon says surrounding herself with food and family has sustained her and filled her life with positivity, energy and vitality.

It’s a wild life

It takes an incredibly selfless person to care for injured wildlife. Like many things that go unseen, it can be easy to ignore the number of orphaned and injured wildlife in the Barossa Valley.

The story of the piper

The first time Alistair MacCallum performed in the land of his heritage, it felt like coming home. A lifetime of sights and sounds swirled around him as he stood behind Edinburgh Castle gates, dressed in a kilt he’d put on for the first time that morning and flanked by musicians from around the world.

Stitching sisterhood

It’s a typical Thursday morning and Eileen Bartel’s weekly masterclass is well underway in her makeshift sewing room at Angaston. The chatter flies quicker than a sewing machine needle as the assembled women use their collective wisdom to tackle matters of life and stitching.

Turning the table on life

DJ Dave Craker is unapologetic for marching to the beat of his own drum, or to be more precise, turntable. Hip hop has been a constant in Dave’s life for as long as he can remember, taking him to exhilarating heights and helping him make sense of his darkest moments.

Prue’s garden of Eden

Cutting a striking figure in the boardroom of her cellar door, it’s hard to imagine just a few hours earlier Prue Henschke was knee-deep in the vineyard, the place where she is happiest.

In his element

In a long, narrow shed on the fringes of Nuriootpa, Tom Gerlach’s focus is singular. Time slows. There are no other thoughts. On this rectangle of black mats, there is only the moment, and a playbook of how to best roll into the next.

From the hands and the mind

Neville Assad-Salha was introduced to art during high school, when his parents kindly invited an artist to stay with their family.

Best on the field

In Nuriootpa’s Centennial Park, tucked away past the netball courts, crickets nets and the Scouts’ hall, sits the Barossa United Football Club’s (BUFC) newly completed synthetic pitch, just in time for the 2023 season to kick off in March.

The perfect blend

Given his time over, Jamie Nietschke probably wouldn’t co-locate a dairy and a vineyard on the variable soils of the Moppa, but he’s not complaining – in fact, he’s counting his blessings.

The simple pleasures in life

Beneath the exquisite haute couture and accessories, it’s Jill Wehr’s joie de vivre that resonates from the pages of the 2023 Barossa Vintage Festival programme.

Queen of cakes

She may be show baking royalty, but Valmai Auricht rules with people at her heart, and a love of sharing life’s homely riches.

Racing towards a dream

Brad Vaughan is following his childhood dream of becoming a race-car-driver in Australia’s top level, Supercars.

Having a ball

In Langmeil Church hall on a Wednesday night, the banter is flying across the table almost as quickly as the little white ball. In a typical display of competitive spirit, the blokes at each end of the table have come to play, both for points and bragging rights.

A second chance at life

After spending 42 years as a winemaker, Peter Ruchs knows his way around a barrel, and has given hundreds of them a second chance at life.

Beautifying our Hometown

Our beloved Barossa is without a doubt one of the most beautiful locations in the world!
A prestigious valley of luxury, opportunity, and pride. And while the impulse to travel will entice us to explore other parts of the world, upon each return our rolling hills and well-manicured townships provide an alluring reminder that this is our home.

Listening and a love for stories

Anne Marschall has a love for other people’s stories. The power of stories is what this principal of Good Shepherd Lutheran School, Angaston has drawn inspiration from for years.

Guardians of the Valley

Cathy Wills remembers with joyful clarity the hubbub of Ziegenmarkt as it heaved to life outside her front door every second year during the Barossa Vintage Festival.

From the chapel to Parliament House

Zoe Bettison holds the esteemed title of South Australia’s Minister for Tourism, Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Member for Ramsay, but to those around Kapunda in the 80s she was ‘the undertaker’s daughter’.

Solitary expression

Anthea Piszczuk has been creating for as long as her memory allows. It was not unusual to find her alone, growing up on a large farm in the Murray Mallee with siblings who were considerably older.

For the love of the flock

As the sun sinks gently over the distant Mount Lofty Ranges, bathing the landscape in soft pink, the silence is broken only by the plaintive bleat of an infant lamb.

From the ground up

The handsomely hewn face and blue eyes of Tony Kuchel look out across the cosy living room of “Bear Lodge” in Nuriootpa, oil paints gamboling in a contest of light and shade across the canvas.

Balancing life in small batches

Like the wines he nurtures in the cool climate of Eden Valley, Phil Lehmann’s style is understated and unassuming, but undeniably compelling.

Injecting new life into the past

It’s often found that, in the car modifying world, the best results come from the hands of those most passionate about their work. You only need to step one foot into the workshop of David Scholz to understand his level of passion.

Blooming beautifully

Robert Ryan was the personal trainer with tattoo covered muscles, working in a suburban gym. Katie Arena was his client, the girl who left her administration job, eager to start her own event hire business in the massive warehouse across the road. They could never have imagined on the day they first met, that they would fall in love and end up growing dahlias in a two acre property in Lyndoch.

Creating a soundtrack for life

Much like her personality, Cloudy Davey’s music resonates with unmistakable sincerity and gratitude. It comes from a place of knowing herself, both as an artist and individual.

Finding truth in the challenge

With four Simpson Desert crossings under her belt, motorcyclist Heidi Giersch has found the road less travelled is also the most rewarding.

The outlaw

There’s a strong smell in the air at Outlaw Wines in Nuriootpa, essence of a vintage that has, for owner, Damon de Ruiter, yielded both satisfaction and disappointment. The concrete floor is mirrored with water, as Damon purposefully attacks it with a pressure washer, banishing spilled blood of 130 year old vines.

Down the track

Corey Fechner has family history embedded in the dirt of Robinson Park. But it’s the present connection he cherishes most.

Stories that make you dance & sing

If Annette Gilbert’s life story was a work of fiction, it would almost certainly be a best seller; she, the compelling protagonist in a melodrama punctuated by loss and love.

For the love of all things rustic

Steve Grant and Tracey Finch are sat on a row of old, weathered chairs ripped out from a theatre somewhere, they’re not sure where – “maybe Kapunda?”

Loyal to the game

It’s midday on a Tuesday and Matt Nitschke is holding court in the lunchroom of The Barossa Council, enthusiastically dissecting the weekend’s local sports results with his colleagues.

Picture perfect retirement

After a broad career in teaching spanning five decades, Catherine Hull is demonstrating that her talents lie far beyond the academic.

A Thrilling Trail

There’s something about the combination of bicycles and dirt that never fails to capture the imagination of young men. The simple satisfaction of pursuing nothing more than to conquer the next jump or trail for which the greatest reward is attaining that ability. There’s just nothing better.

A life well lived

As she takes a seat in the meeting room of Barossa Nursery, Erica Bartsch is ruefully lamenting the dirt under her fingernails – but the satisfied look on her face tells a different story.

Baking the world a better place

There’s something truly exhilarating about a bakery in the morning; the enticing smell of warm, fresh bread, the aroma of coffee and the overwhelming variety of mouth-watering sweets.

By luck or design

Every line Jamie Gladigau draws has its reason. Generations will look back and see the mark he has made.

Fighting fire is a family affair

Meet the local Freeling CFS crew. Where the team is a mix of past, present and future members, the local frontline has never been a stronger family affair.

Local youth on target

introducing local lad, Kyle Lewcock and his passion for archery. Through patience and practice, Kyle continues to hone his skills with competition targets firmly in sight.

On eating giraffes

At 16 Melissa Whyte nearly died in a car crash. Twenty-four years on, she’s facing a different fight for life, but her unshakable faith that God will carry her through remains stronger than ever.

An authentic farm experience

Much like their fruit orchard, Rick and Rosemary Steicke have flourished in the face of challenging conditions, creating an authentic Barossa paddock-to-plate enterprise.

Where the wind goes

Once you take off, you never know where you might land. Michael and Barbara Ludlow are glad their journey has carried them to the Barossa.

Building the canvas so people can create

As the sun sets on the driest part of the country, a new light emerges from the red sand.
Beams of every colour dance across the desert floor and into the night sky for Parrtjima Festival, an Indigenous celebration of light and culture in the heart of Australia.

Making a difference where it matters

For most Barossa families, a trip to the park is one of the easiest weekend outings to execute.
Whilst catching up at our picnic bench though, Seppeltsfield resident, Abbey Underwood, sees past the sunshine and scenery of the area and towards the difficulties of accessing the space for those with a disability.

Turning craft into conversation

You know morning cuppa’s over at the Tinkers Shed when Keith Pfeiffer goes back to work.
“You’ve got two minutes to go,” Keith calls over his shoulder as he returns to the shed floor, to a chorus of laughter.
Good natured banter flows easily between these Tinkers, who come from all walks of life.

Market value

Her heritage is as deeply rooted as the vines of Seppeltsfield, but it’s community that has helped re-affirm to Anna Hayes the true worth of being Barossan.

A new chapter ignites for iconic smokehouse

After purchasing the very butcher shop he began his profession 39 years ago, Peter Barratt’s career has come full circle.
Now, with his daughter, Teagan at his side, he is delighted to share his life work and pass on his knowledge in a trade typically dominated by males.

A Barossa botanical dream

Husband-and-wife team, Jon and Nicole Durdin agree that in one of the premium wine regions of the world, it probably didn’t make sense to gamble everything on a whim for gin.

Happy pigs – happy life

Shaun Blenkiron isn’t afraid of hard yacka – in fact you might even say it makes him as happy as a pig in mud.

Spontaneous talent

Isaac Semmler’s passion has gained an audience with the world, foretelling a promising career.

Doodle art has always been an artistic inspiration of Isaac’s which formed into a practical interest that was encouraged by his parents.

Changing luck

Former Nuriootpa High School student, Georgia Thomas had big plans for 2020. But she won’t let change get in the way of her future.

Paula Baker

A little soul searching around her next career choices, work life ideals and the question of ‘what’s next’ has led Paula Baker to her happy place! A toy shop!

Fraser McKinley

Using his visual arts background, many years of working harvests around the world and an astute knowledge of the land, Fraser takes each years Shiraz crop from the Hoffmann family in Eben-Ezer and crafts it into something distinctive each year, then, sets about creating the unique art work for each release – himself!

Brooke Stiller

Is this beautiful bright bold art; life reflections, self-expression and connection or just finding that moment of ‘flow’ where what you are trying to create just happens? To Brooke Stiller, this present series of work is simply all the above.

Eden Valley is putting Riesling on the map

A minnow of Barossa wine varieties – Riesling – is taking on some major heavyweights in the quest for profile and market share. Waging the David-and-Goliath battle is a small but determined group of Eden Valley producers who are seeking to reposition Riesling as a wine of choice.

Lachlan Colwill

Fire… A simple, primal and old as time method of cooking that Lachlan Colwill of Hentley Farm Restaurant has found himself returning back too.  Lachlan is drawn to the simplicity of cooking with fire and red gum for the incredible flavours imparted on the food from smoke and flame.

Victoria McClurg

Based firmly and proudly in the tradition of ‘Artisanal’, Victoria hangs on to the notion that keeping a ‘hands on’ approach and remaining relatively boutique is one of the key ingredients to the longevity of the Barossa Valley Cheese Company’s 15-year journey.

Stefan Ahrens

Stefan Ahrens, the 4th generation of the Ahrens family engineering and construction empire, rarely sits on a welding rig, getting hands on and dirty these days. Now sitting at the helm of the company, Stefan still remembers his time on the tools and firmly believes in the power of the people who work within the business to achieve great things and that you are nothing without the team behind you.

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