Mosquito risks

Mosquito numbers are still at high levels across the state compared to previous years. SA Health has reduced its hierarchy of response to threat level two (medium).*

Dr Google – curse or blessing?

To Google is to be human….an interesting saying I recently heard. Humans are inquisitive and like to have answers, or at least to investigate what the answer might be.

‘We’re only Human’

Everyone has bad days; we have all been there and as veterinary professionals in the Barossa, we are very thankful for how few bad days we come across from our client base. The animals we see on a regular basis are well cared for, with owners who allow diagnostic work ups and appropriate therapy to ensure the best quality of life possible.

Over the rainbow bridge…

Bringing home our new best friend, whether a puppy, kitten, purebred, mutt, or senior companion, fills us with immense joy and anticipation. These animals quickly become a part of our lives, occupying a special place in our hearts and so saying goodbye to them is a challenging struggle.

Cats get arthritis too…

As we head into the cooler weather, we all become more aware of stiff or sore joints. Dogs tell us when things hurt. They limp, they are slow to get up and they don’t want to run around as much. Our feline friends are much better at hiding these signs.

Is it time to re-think pet insurance?

Many people have mixed opinions or experiences around pet insurance. Like all things, some are overwhelmingly positive, and others are terrible.

Help, my dog’s torn their ACL…

The common football injury of a torn anterior cruciate ligament accounts for ~ 20% of all lameness injury in dogs.

Be wary of rooms and stools

Recent rains combined and the change in the seasons has started the growth of mushrooms in our environment. Many varieties can be toxic if ingested, causing severe disease and even death for both pets and humans.

Your dog ate whaaat?

Dogs are special creatures when it comes to putting things in their mouths; the things they choose to chew on and swallow will never cease to amaze me.

Toilet trouble?

Cats are particularly sensitive beings when it comes to their litter tray, with conditions that can affect their ability to urinate normally. There are a variety of reasons for this, but the main ones are poorly formulated dry biscuits and stress.

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