2020 Mitsubishi Pajero Review

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Conquer every climb.

After a solid 36 years of experience since inception, the iconic Mitsubishi Pajero stands above the rest.

Set out on an adventure like never before and feel confident in tackling the most gruelling conditions. 

Whether you’re hitting the open road or prefer the off-road terrain, the new Mitsubishi Pajero delivers a consistently smooth, powerful and fuel-efficient ride you can count on time and time again.

Now available in both GLS and GLX variants, it’s the perfect mix of technology, luxury, power and comfort for today’s world.

We recently spoke with local Mandy Jones about her purchase of the new Mitsubishi Pajero. We were interested to find out a little more about what she loved about the Pajero and why it was the right choice for her family…

Were you impressed when test driving? Your initial thoughts? What influenced your recent purchase?

As an owner of a previous generation Mitsubishi Pajero GLS, I had an understanding of how well this serious four-wheel drive handles. Upon test driving the new 2020 model, I was impressed to feel that ‘Pajero’ feel was still there but refined and improved. The new model seemed significantly quieter on the road and with an updated computer system, everything just worked seamlessly

What do you primarily use your vehicle for or plan to use it for in the future?

We use the car for a number of purposes but in particular as our company & family vehicle. We work in the wine industry and with the significant amount of boot space, we can fit a number of wine cartons when it comes time to delivery. With ample torque and pulling power, it handles this extra weight with ease.

My husband and I really enjoy travelling and are looking forward to taking it to the Yorke Peninsula. It’s a favourite holiday destination of ours with lots of 4WD opportunities.

What are your initial thoughts on the updated look of the car?

I think its a great looking car. While there are no major body changes to the new model, we were really drawn to the colour of this car. It’s called Terra Rosa and it really caught my eye.

What did your family/friends like most about the car? Any particular features?

With a large family, the 7-seater capacity is very practical for us. Especially on holidays, we can fit everything in and then some. The sound system is great.

How does the interior space stack up? Is it comfortable?

The interior of the car is very accommodating. It easily fits 4 adults, 2 children and all our luggage. As for comfortable… Yes, absolutely!

What about the Technology? Audio? Quality sound? Perfect for your needs?

The GPS is a great upgrade. Compared to our previous Pajero, we were really impressed with the updated sound system. It’s so much easier with connection to our phones for calls and music made easy with Smart Phone Link audio display unit (SDA). The sound the speakers produce is fantastic also. Paired with the digital radio, it is wonderful. The sound is crisp and clear.

Aside from comfort, does the car feel safe on the road? Smooth?

The new Pajero holds the road incredibly well. I was impressed by just how smooth it felt on the main road and dirt. I also noticed how much quieter it was on the road compared to our previous model.


What sort of roads do you drive on? Dirt, Bitumen, bumpy, long and straight, curvy roads?

Travelling to the Peninsula on a regular basis, the highway and the bumpy roads are all handled well.

Overtaking? Does the Pajero handle this with ease?

One of the main reasons I chose the Pajero was for its overtaking abilities. You definitely feel confident when passing other vehicles. Smooth, safe and minimum fuss.

Does the car accelerate well?

Yes… No troubles there at all.

Off-road Performance – How do you rate this car as an all-terrain vehicle?

We only recently purchased the car so we haven’t taken it off road yet! With that said, we are confident that it will perform well.

Towing Capacity – Does the car tow well?

We have not had the opportunity to tow any significant load yet to offer comment.

If you were to pick three things which described your car best, what would they be?

That’s easy… Updated technology, being easy to drive, comfortable and spacious for long trips is a huge plus to us.

Verdict. Would you recommend this car to others?

Most definitely. 

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photo shoot

Pajero takes on a local landmark.

We recently had the opportunity to shoot the 2020 Mitsubishi Pajero here in the Barossa. Images were shot near Steingarten lookout, along Steingarten Road which magnificently weaves its way over the top of the Barossa ranges above Rowland Flat.

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