Style your sanctuary for Spring


Style your sanctuary for Spring​

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donna O'neil // barossa home living

Winter is on the way out and spring is in the air, which means it’s time to throw open the windows and let the sunshine in!

Step into spring with a fresh new bedroom aesthetic and swap out those thick winter layers for something lighter. 

Winter bedroom decor embraces darker and moodier tones, whereas spring is all about embracing the brightness of the outdoors and preparing for the warmer months of summer, so it’s time to let some light in. 

Read on for our top styling tips for this year’s spring bedroom décor!


The first challenge to tackle when changing your bedding for spring is the quilt. 

This top layer is always the first thing to be kicked off when the temperature starts to rise at night, so it’s important that it caters to the season. 

Swapping this out will make the biggest difference! 

Choose a light and thermal cooling summer quilt or duvet for those warmer spring nights or try a down-filled duvet for a warm but lightweight option. 

The quilt cover is the main event of the bed décor, and can make or break the bedroom aesthetic. 

For the warmer months, fresh and crisp colours are the perfect option to match the season and not overwhelm the eye. 

Think soft blues, pastel yellows and greens, calming lavenders and bright whites, all the colours of the spring outdoors. 

Sheets and Pillowcases

Say goodbye to flannels and hello again to linen, which is the perfect spring material of choice. 

Linen is hailed as the number one fabric for spring. 

As a natural material crafted from fine fibres and woven together, linen is naturally breathable and gets softer over time. 

Linen is made with less water during the manufacturing process as well as less pesticides and chemicals, meaning it is also much better for the environment and will last longer!

For sheets and pillowcases, lightweight linen is the best material for the warmer months. 

Linen makes for smooth and soft sheets that keep you cool and comfortable, as well as looking stylish. 

When it comes to colours, keep a minimalist style to keep a clear and relaxing space to sleep. 

White, grey or cream sheets and quilt covers are the best choice, and for those who prefer natural earthy tones, cream beige and tan are the best choices. 

Throws and Blankets

A perfect addition to bedding for spring, blankets and throws are there to reach for if the nights suddenly get cold. 

The finishing touch when it comes to bed décor, this is the part you can have the most fun with! 

Use a throw as an opportunity to bring colour and texture to the bedroom, and play with a new palette and keep it fun. 

It’s an absolute must to have an extra blanket or throw on hand for spring for the nights when the chill sets in, so make sure you choose one that sparks a little joy and speaks to your bedroom aesthetic. 

These aspects of the bedroom décor are your chance to have a little bit of fun with colour. 

If you have a generally minimalistic look with more neutral tones, use throws and blankets to add a pop of colour to the room! 

Bright pinks, blues, greens and yellows are the perfect addition to a spring bedroom. 

If you’re looking to keep a more monochromatic vibe, look for throws and cushions with unique textures or patterns. 

Most importantly, have some fun and experiment with different looks, colours and aesthetics! 

The bedroom is a sanctuary and should be a space that feels peaceful and where you feel most relaxed and at home. 

Get creative and let your inner interior designer shine!

Donna O'Neil

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