Linen, layers and luxury.


Linen, layers and luxury.

words by
donna O'neil // barossa home living

There is no one size fits all when it comes to bedding.

To begin with the basics, it simply starts with a theme and you can work from there.

Autumn is a great time to re-think your linen, as the weather cools down and you begin to look towards the creature comforts of layers on the bed.

You don’t need to go overboard with your layering, but go for what is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

You might be thinking that layers and layers of bedding is a little extreme, but each layer of bedding has a purpose.

It wasn’t just created as a fashion statement (ok, maybe just a little). So, let’s get down to the layers!

Fitted Sheet

This is a no brainer. The fitted sheet’s purpose is to hold the bottom bedding layer in place.

It prevents the sheet from slipping off the mattress with its rubber-strapped edges to hold the sheets in place.

It’s absolutely essential to find the right sized sheet for your mattress as it will lose all purpose if its the incorrect size.

Fitted sheets are a very practical bedding solution, and starts the colour base for your layers.

Flat Sheet

The flat sheet is placed on top of the fitted sheet but under your bed cover such as quilt or blanket.

If there was one thing you should spend on as far as your bedding is concerned, it is this sheet.

There are many options when it comes to this layer, and Donna recommends changing from your summer cotton to a warming and cosy flannelette for the ultimate nights rest in the cooler months. A flat sheet also creates that extra element of layering for that luxury appeal.


A quilt is what provides the warmth and snugness to your sleep.

The feel of luxury comes from the choice of quilt insert rather than the cover itself.

You can choose from an array of fills that you deem the most comfortable.

Synthetic fills and natural fills (including wool, cotton, down and feather) are some of the most popular choices.

It ultimately comes down to how you sleep and what will work best for you moving into the cooler seasons.


The throw goes on top of the quilt. However, its placement can be random.

Typically, it’s set at the foot or centre of the bed.

Throws are the piece of the bedding that you can choose to be the most adventurous with.

In terms of colour, weave, material, you can be as loud and crazy as you want as long as it stays within the colour theme of your bedroom.


Pillow layering is a complexity on its own and there are certainly no hard rules when it comes to how they should be placed.

Pillows work best in three layers, being the large European, standard pillow and small decorative pillow.

Start with the European pillows.

In a bold design, this will help tie together the style and colour palette of your bedroom.

To continue the layered look, place two standard size pillows on top of each other, to show off more colour or a neutral pattern.

Complete the layering with small decorative pillows for contrast.

Remember, whenever layering cushions, use odd numbers as this creates the best height, texture and interest. 

Your choice of bedding layers has to be based on both functionality and aesthetics.

Understand your theme, your habits, your family and then dress your bed around it.

Always have fun when layering your bed and design your space of luxury to suit you.

Donna O'Neil

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