There is no 'V' in team

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There is no 'V' in team

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catherine harper // Barossa Veterinary clinic

Traditionally when thinking about a sick dog or cat, you think about going to see your vet; that person whose name hangs on a certificate on the wall.

You are greeted by a person on reception, see the vet, are prescribed medication and complete your payment on the way out.

Today’s veterinary practice has evolved and this simple two person transaction, while it does still occur some of the time, has a lot more detail, thought and training than in the past.

Barossa Vet Service is a veterinary team, who work together across many aspects to provide care, compassion and advice to pet owners to maximise the health and happiness of pets.

Many will not know that Veterinary Nurses hold a Certificate IV and are now registered professionals in our country.

They must perform continuing education to remain up to date with their knowledge and skills and have the option to complete additional diplomas in areas of specific interest. 

Their role is critical in the care of your pet and we are working hard to increase recognition of their skills and knowledge in the profession. 

An example of this: human nurses give all of your child’s vaccinations, they change your dressings on wounds and in a similar way to a human hospital, nurses will perform the admission procedure for surgery, care for that patient in hospital and then ensure all appropriate information is communicated at discharge.

The doctor is involved with the health check, diagnosis and treatment, but the nursing team is responsible for the care.

Our nurses have an equal level of skill and  knowledge and should be treated as such, so please next time you talk to a nurse on the phone or see them for a consultation, treat them with the same level of respect as you do your vet.

The customer care team receives ongoing training and support to answer questions swiftly and provide a smiling face to any business.

Their training revolves around making your customer experience as smooth and pleasant as possible, whilst ensuring appropriate advice and follow up is received.

Junior staff complete training and while they might sometimes take a little longer to help, they are often the ones giving extra cuddles to your pet, taking them for their toilet breaks and ensuring they have a clean bed to rest on. 

Further to this, the veterinary team consists of ‘allied’ health professionals that include behavioural training and private consultations with a trainer who has completed certificate IV through the Delta Institute of Dog Trainers. 

Their force free, positive reinforcement training creates a long lasting bond with your pet and can help solve some of the trickiest of behavioural issues when combined with hard work and consultation with your vet.

Others include rehabilitation massage to assist with chronic conditions like arthritis and to improve outcomes after orthopaedic or significant soft tissue surgery and weight loss consultations to provide encouragement and ongoing support in achieving a healthy weight. 

At Barossa Vet Service we have an outstanding team who work together everyday to care for your pets.

We strive to make every client and their pet a part of our BVS family and  this is not achieved by a single vet who successfully treats your pet.

It is the team, from the welcome at the front desk, to the nursing staff who assist, the vet who diagnoses and the junior nurse who ensures we are stocked and ready to treat your pet.

We are a team, creating wonderful outcomes for your fur family.

Catherine Harper

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