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Why my choice to buy the 2019 Mitsubishi MR Triton was an easy one.

SPONSORED BY Lyndoch Motors

A car review by local Barossa resident Ken Scanlon

The Lyndoch Motors 2019 Mitsubishi Drive Day was a very enjoyable day highlighted by friendly and approachable staff.

The weather was to prove a real test for both the new 2019 Mitsubishi MR Triton and the hard working staff present on this cold and wet Saturday!

The physical location in the Barossa with a combination of steep hilly terrain and open farm paddocks allowed all in attendance to experience what this all new Triton was capable of.

My decision to attend the Triton Drive Day accompanied by my neighbour was driven largely by our previous ownership of Mitsubishi vehicles and my ‘own need’ for a reliable and capable dual cab utility. Both myself and neighbour had long military careers and as such have experienced many years in off road situations in a wide range of all-terrain vehicles. We have seen both the good and the bad in off road vehicles.

I was impressed by the setup and product knowledge of both Steve Ahrens and Carissa Deane from Lyndoch Motors. Their organisation to ensure that potential customers had all questions answered was first class from a customer relationship point of view. The information boards and of course the ubiquitous sausage sizzle and hot coffee ensured that all who attended had a great day.

I opted to drive the base model Triton and was pleasantly surprised by the comfort and technology available in this vehicle. The 4×4 systems performed smoothly on the wet and steep inclines and the vehicle had plenty of torque to more than cope with loads experienced.

The level of finish and quality of fit out exceeded my expectations and the new dynamic shape of the MR Triton has in my own humble opinion made this vehicle a very strong competitor for the current crop of dual cab utes available on the Australian market.

After a fairly lengthy process of test driving all the competitors, I eventually got down to three possible choices. The Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado and Mitsubishi MR Triton.

I looked at my current lifestyle which includes a great deal of camping and fishing and long interstate trips and it became clear to me that the new Triton with its increased towing capacity and very large tray coupled with a lengthy warranty and fixed priced servicing would meet all my needs.  

The pleasant surprise for me was the opportunity to purchase the 2019 MR Triton ‘Premium’ with a host of driving aids and creature comforts at an extremely competitive price point against the other contenders!

Since purchasing my new MR Triton Premium a week after the Lyndoch Motors Triton Drive Day, I have now travelled over 6000km, including trips to a number of remote areas on the southern coast.

I take enough equipment to be self-sufficient and with a full load of camping and fishing gear, the Triton has handled all terrain with no compromise on comfort.

My only observation that could improve the new Triton would be a 12/240 Volt power supply available standard in the tray area, thus enabling easier use of modern technology and a stand-alone fridge etc. However the staff at Lyndoch Motors advised that this is a simple fix from a dealership point of view and they would be more than happy to assist.

I returned from Warrnambool recently and saw fuel economy averaging 8L/100km. The diesel is quiet and noise levels in the cab allow for conversation without raised voices. Handy when you have couple of grandchildren in the back bragging about who caught the biggest fish! The kids also enjoyed the individual air conditioning in the back and their own USB outlets for charging their tablets.

I have enjoyed the ability to take this vehicle to fairly remote parts of our beautiful country and the vehicle has been very well behaved.

And last but not least, driving on the ‘blacktop’ and around town, the Triton behaves much like a quality SUV or large sedan. To extend the load carrying I asked the Lyndoch Motors dealership to fit the Mitsubishi roof racks. I have also added rod holders to the racks. The Triton dual cab has a great presence on the road and drew quite a few questions from the fishing crowd down the South Coast!

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