The Gawler Civic Centre’s Youth Space

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The Youth Space, at Gawler Civic Centre, offers programs encouraging friendship and emotional support.

Debbie Speed, Town of Gawler’s Youth Development Officer, said the programs introduce children from different backgrounds and experiences to each other. 

“It does bring children together who wouldn’t normally cross paths because they come from different schools or walks of life,” she said. 

Each school term, Council runs a variety of after-school programs free of charge to young people aged from 8 to 18. Throughout term 3, the Council hosted weekly programs including games and more, Pokemon, and music hangouts in the Youth Space.

The Council also sponsors School Holiday workshops including a Barista course, How To Get A Job, First Aid, and Preparing To Drive, along with many others at a small cost to participants.

Faith Lutheran College student, Isabella MacKenzie, recently gained employment after completing the one-day barista school holiday workshop. “I had previous employment in fast food, but was looking to change paths,” Isabella said. “I had a great time doing the barista course, I found it useful as a skill, which leads to me getting a job at the café in the Civic Centre. 

“I think it’s really useful to give something a go if you haven’t tried it before because it could lead to things you never knew it could be.”

Music Hangouts with Crafty run every Thursday, facilitated by Gawler musician Mark Dean (Crafty). “Sometimes we get instruments out and we play, when there are no restrictions, we do a lot of singing,” Mark said. 

“Sometimes I’ll get my music teacher hat on quite a lot, sometimes it will completely be ‘let’s just hang out and enjoy each other’s company, with the purpose of music being our connection.”

“It might even be we just watch some music videos and talk about them.” The program is aimed at helping youth gain confidence, learn an instrument, or progress within the music industry. 

“No matter who the person is, what age they are, what their experience level is, everyone has a connection to music somehow,” Mark said. 

“I think that’s what draws people here. Everybody is always different, every individual is their person, the glue between what it is that connects you to music is the thing the people can relate to one and other with.”

Jack Gill, has been a member of the Council’s Gawler Youth Advisory Committee for six years and has evolved from a committee member to deputy chair. “It’s been great to be involved in Gawler and to help out where I can,” Jack said. 

“I would encourage anyone interested in making a difference in the Town of Gawler, wanting to meet people who are passionate about the community and the local area, or want to know more about the decision making that goes on within Gawler to join the Youth Advisory Committee.”

For more information on upcoming programs at the Youth Space, or to register your attendance, visit the council’s website at www.gawler.sa.gov.au/recreation/youth-space or call 08 8522 9295.


Spring is packed with a huge variety of entertainment for the whole family, including:

3 September – 30 October

‘Recovering The Past’ Photography Exhibition

FREE – International Touring Exhibition in the Institute Hall, First Floor, Gawler Civic Centre

Friday 24 September, 8pm


Special guests Amelia Ryan and Michael Griffiths

Friday 22 October, 8pm

Stand-up Comedy Night

with Georgie Carroll, Lori Bell & Kel Balnaves

Friday 26 November, 8pm

Our Christmas Favourites Show

Saturday 25 September, 10am

Allayne Webster Writing Workshop

Special guests Amelia Ryan and Michael Griffiths


Saturday 25 September, 11am

80’s Baby - A Kids Disco


Click the following link to book online any of the following youth events.

Monday 27 September

Come Try First Taekwondo

Tuesday 28 September

Sculpture Workshop

Wednesday 29 September


Thursday 30 September

Mindful Journalling for Teens

Friday 1 October

LAN Party + D&D

Tuesday 5 October

Dramarama Express Yourself Workshop

Wednesday 6 October

Prepare to Drive Course

Thursday 7 October

Book Vs Movie (Goosebumps Halloween)


Click the following link to book online any of the following events.

Monday 27 September

Juggling for Young and Old

Wednesday 29 September

Book Out N About (part of the Nature Festival)

Tuesday 5th October

Kids Create: Magic Map


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