Get to know the 2019 Barossa Young Ambassadors



24 Years Old




Marketing & Events Co-ordinator

What did you enjoy about the Ambassador’s programme?

Speed dating with Barossa businesses. Speed dating was a great way to get a snapshot of business life in the Barossa. The contributions they make to the community and their willingness to share their experiences and knowledge was great.

What have you learnt over this experience?

I’ve learnt so much about this beautiful region we call home. From Barossa history to the upcoming events and the behind the scenes of Barossa businesses. I thought I knew the Barossa but this experience has further opened my eyes to the beauty and depth of the region with its strong commitment to its history along with the innovative people that are looking to the future.

Why should other people get involved in the Ambassador’s programme?

The young ambassador programme is a one of a kind programme. It’s a programme that takes you on a historical journey of the Barossa, how we got to this point as a community and the vision for the future.

What was a stand-out memory for you over the programme?

When Eric Pateman, a Food Entrepreneur and Culinary Tourism specialist from Canada visited the Barossa I had the chance to hear him speak about his passion for food. I felt a real connection to the way he spoke about food, passion for food and the way food is presented. Something that I will be able to draw on as I look at new opportunities for Pressed Pantry.