Linda & Luciano's Wedding


Linda Kaye &
Luciano Peruch

married at
Married at Vintners bar & grill, angaston
October 2, 2022

It was time.

October 2, 2022 was the day that Linda Kaye and Luciano Peruch celebrated their love.

After meeting as work colleagues, it was 15 years later that the two would marry.

Linda describes when they met they were both never expecting to fall in love when they did, but both forever grateful for the many years of love and guidance each of them had shown each other.

To Luciano, being married had always been very important from his Italian and Catholic background.

“He hated being introduced as my partner,” said Linda.

But it wasn’t for lack of trying, Luciano had proposed many times, so many the couple lost track.

Some health issues put some things into perspective for the couple. “If we get through this, we’ll get married,” said Linda.

Covid hit so their plans were put on the back burner. 

In March 2022, the couple decided it was time. No more living in fear, time to start living.

Both from Sydney, they couldn’t think of a better place to be married than in the Barossa.

Vintners Bar and Grill was the perfect venue for them to share their special day with their 28 guests.

A small wedding with family and close friends, was all the couple needed to celebrate and enjoy their day.

“I just realised that everyone I loved was in the same place,” said Linda about their day.

“The wedding encapsulated our love,” said Linda.

“It was so much better than we could have ever expected.”

The bride’s attendants were children, Melanie and John Kaye.

Their two-tier wedding cake was a huge success, vanilla with raspberry coulis and chocolate was created by Carlys Sweet Kitchen.

The couple’s favourite moment from their day was dancing down the aisle.

“It was perfect, from start to finish.”


The Dress

Cream Injection Dress by Karen Gee



Hair & Make-up


Rory McVeigh


Carly’s Sweet Kitchen – Two Tier Vanilla with Raspberry Coulis and Chocolate 


Scroll through to see the highlights from Linda & Luciano’s day.

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