A ‘mostly’ portrait and ‘brief’ interview series by professional photographer Pete Thornton exploring the idea that one image has the power to tell the whole story. Each ‘sitter’ suggests the next person to be photographed in this series, and thus ensues an interesting and unknown trail of Barossa identities to come.

Stay tuned… Pete.


Brooke Stiller, Image by Pete Thornton of What Pete Shot. The fourth in a series of portraits on Barossa identities.


Brooke Stiller

Is this beautiful bright bold art; life reflections, self-expression and connection or just finding that moment of ‘flow’ where what you are trying to create just happens? To Brooke Stiller, this present series of work is simply all the above.

Brooke’s, bright, clean and bold style of her current work is unapologetic self-expression; harnessing and expressing a moment in time, a memory, letting herself be – to create an honest connection on canvas.  Sharing her art, is then a beautiful part of this journey, that goes beyond what can be verbally explained.

Somewhat removed from the pen and pencil ‘life’ drawings and design projects she has been working on for years. This is the phase she currently enjoys and is happy creating.

Brooke works out of her lovely little bathed in natural light studio, on the nape of Mengler’s Hill, and admits that time with the palette knives, oils, and canvases has in many ways been inspired by her growing family – pursuing, stopping and connecting with what you
love and who you are.