A growing Barossa

The mention of Spring conjures thoughts of warmer weather, and to some Spring signals a time to plant seeds for a Summer vegetable garden.

The Tanner and Currier

A receipt from O. E. Juttner dated 1937 declares him a ’Tanner & Currier’. However, this once important trade term has slipped from most people’s vocabulary.

Kroshel’s Mobile Store

The concept of home delivery was fairly common in the 1900’s with bakers, grocers and butchers each delivering goods to your doorstep. However, Barossa local, Collin Kroshel (1921 - 2017), took this idea to another level with his dream of creating a mobile store to serve the needs of the local community.

Seppelt’s… not just wine

Seppelt’s… not just wine barossa history Seppelt’s…not just wine words by luke rothe >> Bohemiam Hop Bitters and Angaston Bitters used at the time to promote appetite and digestion The imposing Seppelt’s Winery at Seppeltsfield was established in the 1850s....

‘The Schrapel Emporium’

Ernst Schrapel was born in Tanunda, 1861. Over his lifetime he was described as having ‘enterprise, good judgment and a tremendous capacity for work’.

Kaiser Stuhl – so good to share

During the 1930s Great Depression one of the many industries to suffer was the wine industry. Many local grape growers couldn’t sell their grapes, or were offered 20-40% less than the previous year.

Brickmakers of Nuriootpa

Brickmaking was an early industry in several Barossa towns, with Nuriootpa developing two well established businesses.

‘Cherry Cheer’ or ‘Sparkle’?

Tanunda soft drink history

The Willows Hospital at Light Pass

The Willows Hospital at Light Pass barossa history The Willows Hospital at Light Pass words by luke rothe >> Willows Hospital c.1920's Johann Gottfried Scholz arrived in SA in 1845 and settled at Light Pass.  He was renowned for his...

A breakfast cereal surprise

A breakfast cereal surprise barossa history A breakfast cereal surprise words by luke rothe >> Unmade cereal toys from the 1960's and 1970's Many adults have fond memories of collecting cards from cereal packets, but cards were just the beginning of collecting. In...

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