Authentic living


Authentic living

Kerry Cleopatra is living proof that self-love truly does conquer all.
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>> Coach, Mentor and Healer Kerry Cleopatra

Kerry Cleopatra believes “The Beautiful Place” lies within every woman.

As a coach, mentor and healer, Kerry is dedicated to helping women reach their full potential through genuine empowerment, healing and authentic living.

A mother and grandmother, Kerry lives what she espouses, filling her Nuriootpa studio with the love and light she seeks to release in others.

From the Artisan’s wares and curated library to the Skin and Self Love space, The Beautiful Place radiates serenity and uncomplicated acceptance.

While she acknowledges her philosophy may be construed as “a little bit unconventional”, Kerry is nothing if not true to self.

“Anything natural, anything real – that’s my thing,” she says.

“I do many things: they all have the same purpose though. It’s to help our planet and people be healthy, be well – and sacredly.

“We can live sacredly by living authentically.”

This philosophy has influenced every aspect of eKoo Energy and Organics, which Kerry founded in 2007.

The range of skincare, essential oils and tea infusions are 100 per cent natural, vegan and artisan-made in Kerry’s workshop, making them highly sought after at Barossa Farmers Market and online.

But despite her business acumen, Kerry admits her tendency to put her heart before her head can be to her detriment.

It’s the reason she doesn’t charge for cups of tea at The Beautiful Place and gives her time generously to those willing to receive it.

“I never put business first – I just create things because I love them and I want people to enjoy the benefits. I like to be present with people, reminding them of their value wherever I can,” Kerry says.

Her pledge to “nothing artificial” is the combination of university study in human biology, a belief in food as medicine, and natural intuition.

“Being an energy worker, our higher selves tell me what the body and soul wants us to know,” Kerry says.

“The reason I ended up studying science is because I kept getting insights into people’s health and could see on a cellular level what was happening… I always wanted to be able to explain the things I could see with science.

“I love to bridge the gap for people between the physical and the sacred – the spiritual, as people sometimes call it.”

As an advocate for feminine balance, Kerry also seeks to help women to find their best self through life and soul coaching.

While each person’s journey is different, there is a singular aim.

“I inspire women to love themselves fully and unequivocally,” Kerry says.

“I love working predominantly with women because they understand the inner work is necessary, and they know they are understood by me.

“Women are healers and nurturers; they naturally give in their community.

“I’m not anti-men at all – I’m raising my son to be a good man – but I’ve witnessed many times if you help a woman, a woman will always help many, many others.”

Kerry speaks from her own personal experience and journey of self-discovery.

As a survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence, she bears the scars of long-term alcohol abuse, depression and suicide attempts, manifested in deep-seated feelings of guilt.

“Many, many times I hit rock bottom,” Kerry says.

“Sometimes I don’t know how I survived.

“There were times I know I hung on because I didn’t want to leave my daughter in a world without her mum. I wanted her world experience to be better.

“But even in some of the darkest and most painful places, I always knew there was light.

“With the hardest things there are always amazing opportunities. Those experiences that nearly did me in again and again mean I now get to not only help others, but truly understand them. You have an opportunity, an option to grow from everything.

“If people hear some of my stories, I hope they can be inspired and relate and realise that they can heal, change, do what they want to do and rewrite their own stories on their own terms.

“The next step is that they become who they truly are. That’s exciting!”

“I’m here to remind people to become the love again.”

- Kerry Cleopatra

Kerry also believes in empowering women by developing their resilience and self-sufficiency.

“I don’t want people to be needy of what I do, or to be so reliant outside of themselves,” Kerry says.

“If I can give them real tools and abilities to be capable for whatever life throws their way – then that’s empowerment, and that’s my job done well.”

This philosophy was also the catalyst for opening The Beautiful Place, where learning is encouraged “without the red tape” and people are accepted as they are.

“It’s called The Beautiful Place because I intend on inspiring the beautiful place within anyone who wants to come and be part of it,” says Kerry.

“I want people to remember what it is to stop and be and connect and be genuine.”

Kerry’s next step is to become a published author, as co-collaborator on the book ‘Becoming Love’.

“Next year I’ll do a complete book on my own and I’m not going to be afraid to share fully anymore, because there’s no fear in love,” Kerry says.

“I’m here to remind people to become the love again.

“From there you can have beautiful relationships and great love in life and create what you want life to be.

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