Find Your Place In Our Story.

Image thanks to Barossa Australia | Photography by Sven Kovac


New regional campaign invites people to find their place in Barossa's story.

Barossa’s regional associations have launched a dynamic new tourism campaign, ‘Barossa. Find Your Place In Our Story’, celebrating generations of stories that tell of the region’s abundant wine, food, culture and heritage.

The next chapter in the Barossa’s ever-evolving narrative is marked by the release of a new destination website and video, featuring a taste of the depth of culinary experiences available in Barossa. 

The video is accompanied by a dramatic and evocative soundtrack by Barossa musician, Jamie Blechynden.

An open letter extends an invitation for visitors to explore and find their place in Barossa’s story.

Barossa is brimming with stories. Stories of a love of wine, food and the moments shared with friends. Those that tell of our traditional custodians, of eighth generations and new arrivals. Stories of heritage, experimentation and innovation… of experiences, discoveries, soil and open skies. The beauty is in the richness developed as our Barossa stories are shared. We revel in watching them grow and transform with every visitor and every sunset. This is our invitation to you… to find your place, in our story.”

Funding through the Federal Government’s $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package, administered by Wine Australia has helped make the campaign development possible. 

Led by Barossa Grape & Wine Association and supported by RDA Barossa, Gawler, Light & Adelaide Plains, the Barossa Council and Tourism Barossa, the Barossa First Project seeks to increase the value and volume of high-value culinary tourism to Barossa.

Barossa Grape & Wine Association Chief Executive, James March said, “The Campaign brings together the essential elements of the Barossa brand. With this alignment we can activate scale and provide a broad platform for all businesses to tell their story and use that opportunity to amplify the message to our target audiences. It’s never been a more important time to engage and connect with our domestic audience and having such a well-executed and designed campaign provides this platform.”

“Stories are always best when shared and we have a passion to share our beautiful region, this place we call home, with guests and visitors.”

- cathy wills, regional tourism manager

Regional Tourism Manager, Cathy Wills is passionate the Barossa’s ever-evolving narrative.

“Stories are always best when shared and we have a passion to share our beautiful region, this place we call home, with guests and visitors. This is our invitation to you, immerse yourself in our Barossa lifestyle, experience your favourites, discover something entirely unexpected, and find your place in our story,” said Cathy.

“The Barossa always offers something new. In a region steeped in generational traditions, with its amazing winemaking and culinary legacy, there is always a new innovation, a re-imagining, an unexpected twist – and we encourage you to discover this.”

BGWA and TBI would like to extend their thanks to the businesses and community members who generously donated their time and venues to assist with the production of this campaign.

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