Winter denim trends


Winter denim trends: The forever staple

words by
krista wohlstadt // orchard lane

From the classic blue jeans to on trend jackets and skirts, denim has been a fashion favourite for decades, due to its durability, comfort factor and ability to work with endless styles.

Dressed up or dressed down, denim allows numerous possibilities. Whether distressed, ripped, or in a range of different shades, this versatile fabric always finds a way to make a statement. Transcending generations and trends, denim effortlessly blends into any wardrobe, offering a mix of comfort, practicality, and style. It can be hard to keep up with what’s the ‘in-trend’.

As in 2023, wide-leg jeans seem to be the reigning denim hit of the moment. If you made it through 2023 without a pair of wide leg jeans making it to your collection, it’s clear the style is here to stay. If you’re apprehensive about styling the wide leg, it’s all about a less is more approach. Style with a fitted top and oversized top layer, such as a long sleeve tee and button up cardigan and finish with flats or white sneakers for a simple yet on trend look.

Whether to your horror or delight, double denim seems to be making a return to the trends. Few fashion trends have been as divisive, but it can be done right! Make sure to choose complementary washes, double denim goes wrong when people experiment with different washes.

It doesn’t mean each piece has to be the exact same shade, just keep them within the same family (as in avoid pairing dark wash jeans with a light wash jacket!).

Avoid too much distressed fabric, strike a balance and make sure to layer wisely. Break up the denim on denim by adding a white shirt, knit jumper or staple belt. Experiment with different proportions and silhouettes to create visual interest and keep the accessories relatively minimal. Denim rarely needs dressing up.

White jeans have become an unexpected failsafe in the wardrobes of 2024’s fashion it-girls. Not only do they look good with pretty much everything, but they can work with just about every shade.

White jeans can keep an outfit neutral and minimalistic, or pose as a backdrop for bolder colours and statement pieces. Style with a colourful cardigan, vibrant accessories like jewellery or a handbag and let the jeans highlight the bright tones.

With unpredictable forecasts during winter and the coming spring months, you can pair white jeans with any transitional jacket or sweater to stay stylish and warm. Layering is an essential for winter dressing, and you can experiment with it. An oversized jumper paired with white jeans and a coat is the perfect staple winter outfit, that you can easily mix and match.

The 90s trends continue with straight leg jeans, with 2024 still in a back-to-basics minimalism era. The straight leg is more relaxed than skinny jeans, but more tailored than wider styles, making them the perfect in between. Dress them down with a matching denim shirt to lean into the returning double denim trend or dress them up with a fitted blazer and button down for the office.

Denim can effortlessly blend into any wardrobe, offering ample possibilities for expressing individuality and creativity. From traditional blue hues to evolving fabric styles, denim remains a timeless fashion choice, consistently featured in seasonal trends and serving as a dependable year-round essential. While keeping up with current trends it’s important to make sure they work with your own personal style. Experiment, have fun, and make current trends your own!

Krista Wohlstadt

Orchard Lane

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