Fitness for the festive season


Fitness for the festive season

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kerrie-anne wager // anytime fitness angaston & nuriootpa

I love summer time and in particular the festive cheer that always appears in the lead up to Christmas. It’s a great time to be out in our local community and the opportunity to simply relax, spend time with family and friends is so beneficial. But on the other hand, we all know how easy it can be to over indulge. It’s just too easy to have one more serve of pudding or another glass of wine…

At the start of every year, we see an influx of members join the gym to tackle their ‘New Years resolutions’ head on. And while they all start strong; many will resolve their ‘holiday food hangovers’ and call it a day. Being part of the Anytime Fitness team gives you the confidence you need to achieve your goals in a consistent way; in a manner that’s not difficult to maintain.

Tackling the holiday season with a few simple tips will not only help you make it through but set you up for a healthy approach to everyday life as well.

Set your fitness goals before the holidays arrive

Make a plan ahead of time. Have a think about a time that works in best around all the upcoming activities, events you have on. Try choose a time of day that you can achieve consistently for every day. 

And most importantly… Stick to it. No excuses. You could even try early in the morning while the rest of the family is still asleep. That way you can avoid missing any family time.

Earn that cheat meal

If you are going to be indulging in a festive meal, why not try and work in an exercise session after. This way you won’t feel guilty about all those calories you just consumed. 

The gym session doesn’t necessarily have to be huge, but make sure you go hard while you’re there and make it count.

Hydration is key

Double the amount of water you would normally drink over the holiday season. This will aid you to handle any hangovers, digestion and recovering. It also helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer, which in turn makes it easier to say no to that extra serving.

Avoid Alcohol

It’s fair to say that it’s unrealistic to avoid drinking altogether during the festive season, with many of us enjoying a drink or two. Why not try set some of your own personal guidelines like only drinking when you’re out, or for every glass of alcohol, have a glass of water. 

Another simple way is to volunteer to be the designated driver. It’s an easy way to stay strong and overcome any temptations that might arise.

Portion sizes

There’s no reason to get too serious about this one. Enjoy your meals but just be sensible where you can. Everything in moderation. If you know ahead you have parties during the week, plan to be super good at home with your meals. 

Summer tends to lend itself to lighter meals, so making delicious salads as your main staples helps to stay on top of your overall goals.

Keep the fitness up

Work towards those goals you set yourself before silly season arrived and stay positive. Exercise is the key to a positive state of mind, a healthier outlook on life and more energy in your day.

Kerrie-Anne Wager


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Happy exercising!

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