Autumn Ready


Autumn Ready

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donna O'neil // barossa homewares

Who doesn’t love the warm, sunny days and the crisp, cool nights of autumn?

Autumn is that sweet spot, a mix between seasons where the sun’s lost the intense summer heat and just cool enough at night to gather with family and friends for a combination of summer’s favourites and a hint of comfort food to come.

When it comes to home décor, the throw blankets are coming out of storage and making their way back to the lounges and beds, and the windows are spending more and more time closed in favour of a warm, flickering candle on the table.

Decorating your home for the change of seasons doesn’t have to cost a fortune, it’s the little touches that make the most difference!

By simply tweaking a few things here and there in your home, you can have any space autumn-ready in no time.

Colour Palettes

Changing with the leaves are the colours we decorate our homes with.

Summer is all about embracing the sunshine and vividness of the outdoors, while autumn celebrates the in between, while preparing for winter.

Autumn brings with it some of the warmest, earthy and most vivid colours.

Just look at the falling leaves outside and this will give you the kind of colour range we work with in this season.

Colour palettes with reds, oranges, yellows and browns with just a little touch of the greens of summer.

Those bright, colourful cushions in blues and yellows that are designed to bring a pop of colour to your lounge in the summer?

Swap them out for warmer colours like tan, terracotta, mustard, blush or plum to work beautifully with the changing leaves and bring autumn indoors.

Tip: There’s nothing better than a long warm bath in the colder months, so look to refresh those bath towels on the rack. Rather than changing colours with every season, stick to a neutral base set, and switch out trend colours as feature towels to pop in the bathroom with every season.

Décor: The Living Room and Bedroom

Now that the nights are gradually getting shorter and cooler, a perfect autumnal touch to your faithful comfy lounge is the classic throw.

Pack the lightweight materials from summer away and embrace some luxe autumn materials like faux fur and chunky cable knits, which will add elements of interest and texture, as well as some extra warmth on those chillier autumn nights.

Pom poms and tassles can also add a bit of fun!

Those colour palettes for the living room?

Incorporate them into the bedroom as well, and add layers to your bedscape.

Adding a coverlet, a throw at the end, and a mix of cushions will turn your bed into a cosy retreat for the colder months.

Tip: Drape a throw over the end of your bed or over the back of your living room sofa (or both!)

Not only will this bring a very on-trend decorative accent to your space, it’ll also ensure you have that extra layer of warmth at hand should you need it.

The Table

We aren’t the only ones that need to rug up in the cooler months!

The summer tabletops are usually too full of entertaining spreads and many hungry hands for there to be much need for a tablecloth.

They can survive on their own!

When the colder weather is beginning to hit, it’s time to dress up the table with some cosy materials like linen.

The perfect foundation for an elevated autumn dining experience, linen table cloths achieve a blend of practicality and luxury, all in perfect neutral tones.


Candles are essential for year-round décor, and will bring that natural warm glow to your home.

Scent is one of our strongest senses and can evoke our most important and special memories. 

While long summer nights spent outdoors are more for fresh citrus candles flickering in the breeze, the colder nights of autumn call for introducing earthy and spicy scents like vanilla, sandalwood and musk.

A candle or two in the living room, in your bedroom, and even in the bathroom can fill your space with an added layer of warmth and cosiness.

As a mix of our two opposite seasons, autumn is the perfect time to find the colours and décor that works best for you.

The most important part of changing your décor for the season is having fun doing it, and finding your style at the same time!

Happy Autumn!

Donna O'Neil

Barossa Homewares

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