Bring the Mediterranean to the Barossa


Bring the Mediterranean to the Barossa

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donna O'neil // barossa homewares

Now that travel is back on the cards, you may have spent the winter months feeling envious of everyone jetting off to sunny Europe.

Friends and acquaintances are gallivanting through the picturesque streets of Europe, basking in the beauty of historical landmarks, sampling delicacies and creating unforgettable memories.

Meanwhile, you might find yourself daydreaming about sunsets over Santorini and gondola rides in Venice.

With spring sunshine now on our doorstep, why not bring the holiday vibes home to the Barossa? Springtime sunshine calls for lazy afternoons of cheese platters and a glass of wine with friends, so why not feel like you have been transported to Italy while at home?

Channel a warm, carefree time spent on the Mediterranean coast with Mediterranean inspired home décor for your spring refresh.

Inspired by the beaches and landscapes of Southern Europe, the Mediterranean aesthetic is airy, vibrant, and eclectic.

Rocky coastlines, salty air, and olive and fig trees, Mediterranean interior design brings the flair of European beach life to the everyday.

Embracing light, relaxed indoor-outdoor living, neutral hues and natural materials, this look comes together to create a home that boasts a relaxed, holiday vibe.

The best Mediterranean-style interior design focuses on indoor-outdoor living; natural materials and finishes and an effortless, minimalist-chic approach to decorating, that is rooted in centuries of life along the beautiful Mediterranean coast.

This style should evoke the beauty and elegance of Southern Europe, particularly Spain, France, and Italy.

Light naturals, bold pops of saturated colour and natural materials that evoke seaside landscapes, are the base of this interior design style.

Mediterranean interior design is often defined by white, minimalist backdrops that are complemented by a lush layering of textures, colours, and materials.

Incorporate ocean blues, sandy beiges, and vibrant yellows into your décor palette to create a beautiful coastal vibe.

Mosaic tiles, intricate patterns and sun-kissed terracotta accents, are all perfect ways to embrace the Mediterranean culture.

Doing so will transport you to the beaches of Mykonos or the vineyards of Tuscany every time you step into your home.

Floral patterns and geometric patterns can be used to add pops of vibrant colour to a room.

Look for patterned plates with citrus patterns or lively stripes or dots. Lemon and Sicilian patterns are very popular decorative elements in the Mediterranean, especially in Italy and Sicily.

These patterns bring a touch of freshness and vitality, and are reminiscent of the lush gardens and juicy fruits of the sunny Mediterranean regions.

Work with a colour palette that embodies the very essence of the Mediterranean, featuring rich blues, earthy terracotta, browns, greens, and sunshine yellows punctuated with metallic accents in burnished copper and gold.

One of the essential elements of Mediterranean style is the seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

This concept can be incorporated into your living room with ease by adding a mix of large and small-scale indoor greenery to add a touch of nature and bring the outside in, all while staying on-trend.

Materials like linen and wood can bring warmth and texture to your space and add a touch of luxury.

Combining these elements with earthy and rustic tones can create the perfect soothing summer-inspired aesthetic. Try replacing any metallic pieces in your home with cool ceramics and stoneware to add a soft, calming effect.

A beautiful and timeless style, the Mediterranean aesthetic can easily transform a space into a cosy and inviting oasis.

Whether you choose to go all-in with a full Mediterranean-inspired design or simply incorporate a few key pieces, this style is sure to bring a touch of elegance and charm to your home.

So why not see how it can transform your space into a Mediterranean paradise this spring?

Donna O'Neil

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