We listen to your hearing needs

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We listen to your hearing needs

Trust, care and understanding is what you’re greeted with when you walk
through the door at Ron Kendall Audiology, Tanunda.

>> Clinicians Cindy Nickle and Nicole Emes with receptionist Nicole Berry.

In the ever-changing world of technology, advancements are constantly being made – and that’s certainly true for digital hearing innovations.

Hearing technology is a specialty of the team at Ron Kendall Audiology, Tanunda, which stays abreast of changes to assist new and existing clients.

For well over 30 years, Ron Kendall has assisted the community’s hearing needs and with the support of local clinicians Cindy Nickle and Nicole Emes, they have a wealth of information to share.

“Technology is always changing and improving in hearing devices, the Bluetooth and streaming features are now being used more than ever,” Nicole Emes said.

“These features enable you to stream phone calls, music, audio books etc, directly to your hearing aids.”

In the post-Covid health space, clients have returned to in-person appointments at the clinics, however Telehealth bookings remain available, enabling people to connect to the team Australia-wide.

It’s certainly a great option for people who may initially visit in person but book a follow up Telehealth appointment while travelling, or for those clients who live remotely.

“Technology is always changing and improving in hearing devices, the Bluetooth and streaming features are now being used more than ever.”

- nicole emes

So, when is the right time to schedule an annual hearing health check?

Nicole suggests that anyone over 60 add this to their diary, or sooner if concerns arise.

Family members may be the first to notice hearing changes and suggest a visit.

“If you feel anyone in the family has a suspected hearing loss, it’s definitely worth having a baseline audiogram to investigate further and if the hearing is normal, we have a baseline to work from in the future,” Nicole said.

As hearing decline can happen over a prolonged period, having a starting point on record certainly makes sense.

And being able to make an informed decision is important.

As Nicole explained, “Clients generally have an awareness of their loss but are often surprised by the severity of the loss and how that can have such a big impact on their ability to communicate effectively.”

So, if you’re experiencing signs of hearing loss, or simply unsure and would like to ask some questions, get in touch with the team at Ron Kendall Audiology for assistance and peace of mind.

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