Transforming the dining landscape

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Transforming the dining landscape


Experience a unique culinary journey at The Louise , with innovative dishes created by Executive Chef Joel Grudnoff and his team.

Joel brings a dynamic and seasoned approach to his craft, ensuring that each visit to The Louise’s renowned Appellation and Contour restaurants promises an exceptional and ever-changing dining experience.

“Our menu evolves with the changing seasons, ensuring we showcase the freshest and finest produce available at any given time,” Joel explains.

“We’re committed to pushing the boundaries, constantly exploring new flavours and styles and allowing the freshness of local ingredients to take centre stage.”

“Having grown up on a farm in Northern New South Wales, I deeply appreciate fresh, seasonal ingredients,” shares Joel. “But it’s the thrill of experimenting with flavours that inspires me.”

- JOEL GRUDNOFF Executive Chef, The Louise

From the crispness of farm-fresh produce to the succulence of locally sourced meats and cheeses, Joel works closely with trusted local suppliers like Jake from Produce 4 Chefs to ensure that each plate celebrates the rich and diverse flavours of the Barossa Valley and its surrounding regions.

“Having grown up on a farm in Northern New South Wales, I deeply appreciate fresh, seasonal ingredients,” shares Joel.

“But it’s the thrill of experimenting with flavours that inspires me.”

“I’m known for frequently updating the menu, sometimes even from day to day. There’s a certain thrill in entering the kitchen with a concept and leaving with a completely unique, fresh, one-of-a-kind dish.”

From his humble beginnings as a chef apprentice to his exploration of seafood and local produce along the Sunshine Coast, Joel’s journey has been marked by diversity and innovation.

Now firmly established at The Louise for over a year, Joel continues to refine his craft amidst the stunning backdrop of world-renowned vineyards and local artisans. Whether guests are indulging in the relaxed atmosphere of Contour’s shared plates or savouring the refined elegance of Appellation’s eight-course degustation, Joel’s cuisine embodies spontaneity, ingenuity, boldness, and sophistication, promising an unforgettable dining experience.

What truly sets Joel’s food philosophy apart is his refusal to be confined by passing trends. Instead, each dish evolves organically, perfectly complementing the bespoke wine pairings unique to The Louise’s menus.

“I’m passionate about technique, not any particular cuisine,” emphasises Joel. “This allows us to explore a wide array of methods, from fermentation to pickling, and not being bound by one particular flavour profile.”

Beyond the kitchen, Joel’s passions extend to the thrill of speed and companionship. An active figure in the automotive community, he finds solace in the roar of engines, whether on two wheels or four. He also loves spending time with his partner and beloved dogs.

“I hope guests leave The Louise excited about the Barossa and surrounding regions, inspired by our innovative culinary creations, eager to explore all this vibrant state has to offer.”

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