Tiny Built Co. makes a huge impact

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Tiny Built Co.
makes a huge impact

>> Tony Built Co. business wwner Zaron Lister
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Owning a luxurious and eco-friendly home is now possible with Tiny Built Co., a locally owned and operated manufacturing company in Tanunda, that specialises in building boutique tiny homes that can be delivered anywhere in Australia.

Business owner Zaron Lister, and his sister Tazma Lister, the marketing manager, are inspiring the Tiny Homes movement in the Barossa. The trend towards tiny homes has become a social movement as people choose to downsize their space, simplify, and live with less.

“I’m a builder by trade, and before starting Tiny Built, I stumbled upon a tiny cabin on Airbnb rented out for $300 per night. I was amazed by how much money it made, given its size. This sparked my interest in tiny homes. I soon realised that these homes could serve as affordable housing solutions and be used in various ways,” says Zaron.

“We strive to use recycled materials for the trailer installation and other components to keep things as sustainable as possible.”

- zaron lister

The company’s innovative designs and premium recycled materials create stunning, sustainable homes with a smaller carbon footprint than traditional houses.

“We strive to use recycled materials for the trailer installation and other components to keep things as sustainable as possible. We also offer off-grid options such as solar power, composting toilets, and divergent systems for greywater. The greywater can be diverted to your garden, making it an eco-friendly option.”

Tiny Built provides a variety of loft and ground floor designs to accommodate all lifestyles, using high-quality materials. The homes are designed to feel luxurious, with large windows, ample natural light, high ceilings, and other features that enhance the grandeur despite their small size.

Over time, the duo has observed a shift in people’s attitudes towards living, where flexibility is increasingly valued. Tiny homes provide a solution that enables people to save money, easily move or generate extra income by renting them out through platforms like Airbnb.

“Our parents always encouraged us to prioritise freedom and happiness and took us on many family holidays when we were kids. We believe tiny homes can provide that freedom, and the Tiny Built philosophy stems from our parents’ encouragement to do what makes us happy,” says Tazma.

“Nowadays, people value experiences like travelling over material things. Downsizing provides the financial freedom to pursue those experiences instead of working to pay off a large house.”

Finally, Tiny Built employs and sources materials locally and houses can be built in six to eight weeks. If you have bought land and can’t build for a few years, a Tiny Built home may be an option to live on your block instead of paying rent and a mortgage, and after your house is built, it may prove an investment.

Join the Tiny House movement with Tiny Built Co., which offers affordable, flexible, and sustainable living within reach.

To learn more, visit www.tinybuiltco.com.au or follow Tiny Built Co. on Instagram and Facebook.

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