Mastery Studios at The Barossa Cellar


Introducing Mastery Studios at The Barossa Cellar

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“Understanding traditions and cultures brings us all closer together, and food is always the key,” Chef Mark McNamara.

Here in Barossa, we know well that mastery takes many forms.

Our community of artisan food producers, generations of grape growers and well-heeled winemakers are constantly driven to improve and master their crafts.

It’s this continual search for excellence and a love for the finer details that make Barossa a destination for wine and food aficionados.

We’re bringing the masters and their crafts to you, in a series of studio lunches at The Barossa Cellar.

Local chefs are banding together with winemakers and sharing their love for all things flavour!

In the bright and breezy space of The Barossa Cellar, with its elevated views across the Barossa Valley floor, Mastery Studios are an unparalleled opportunity to connect with Barossa’s winemakers and food personalities.

Limited to just 12 people in The Barossa Cellar’s Grand Hall and kitchen, guests will learn directly from our food and wine heroes.

The local tips, methods and skills for creating delicious, share-worthy dishes passed down like the generations that have come before.

Winemaker, Troy Kalleske (Kalleske Wines) who will join the studio commented, “Whether it’s growing grapes, making wine, farming crops or crafting food, the sharing of skills is an inherent part of Barossa culture, not only from generation to generation but with anyone enthused for knowledge.”

Mastery Studios conclude with a generous lunch hosted by your chefs and winemaker, guiding you through a paired selection of wines alongside plentiful tasty dishes.

The 2022 Mastery Studio season opens with Ode to Japan on Sunday, March 13, hosted by Ryan Edwards (Artisans of Barossa), Kyle Johns (Appellation / three75) and Wayne Ahrens (Smallfry Wines).

This studio celebrates the Japanese art of craftsmanship handed down through the centuries and the slinky, textural Barossa wines designed to match.

The Mastery Studio 2022 season will also feature:

 That’s Amazing Dahl! Lifting the lid on real Indian cuisine.

 Dude Food – ribs, rubs, fire and flame: all things smoky and barbecued.

 Where the Wild Things Are: a masterclass and lunch celebrating the hunter.

Mastery Studio lunches run 10a.m. – 3p.m. once a month at The Barossa Cellar.

Prices range from $190-$240 per person, including workshop and generous wine-paired lunch.

Tickets are available at  barossawine.com, just search Mastery Studio.

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The Barossa Cellar

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