Does tinsel make you tense? When your wish list becomes a long ‘to do’ list, Christmas can be confronting. Before you strangle Santa and scream through ‘Silent Night’, try these tips to a stress-free festive season.


‘Tis the season to socialise and celebrate! But how do you survive the festive season with your sanity and savings intact? Have we been brainwashed into believing it’s all about spending money? In reality it should be about spending quality time. This just might be the year to examine your approach to Christmas and do it differently. Here’s some top tips to think about:


Limit your spending – Don’t max out your credit cards, give help as gifts, do secret Santa, get gift vouchers, only give gifts to kids, make gifts (such as homemade nuts, shortbread and biscuits). The kids will love to help make wrapping paper and cards.


Avoid last minute panic and crammed calendars – this year make a plan to buy gifts early, only attend preferred functions (you can say ‘no’!) and organise guest lists, menus and do some cooking ahead of time!
Maintain routine, rest and exercise – this will give you the energy to enjoy the season!
Ask everyone to contribute a dish!
Be aware of your increase in fat, alcohol and sugar – sure it’s difficult to curtail some of these things at this time of year, but you will notice a difference if you do!
Swap coffee for matcha green tea – it calms the mind and relaxes the body.
Lessen liver damage and weight gain by taking daily supplements of garcinia and milk thistle – oh and remember how important exercise is!
Get some laughs in with silly hats, jokes, photos, activities and family games.
Travel well with rescue remedy, natural sunscreen, insect repellant, tea tree oil, arnica, ginger chews, charcoal for diarrhoea and melatonin for jet lag.
Stay strong with immune and stress tonics such as vitamin C, zinc, withania and rhodiola.


What does Christmas mean to you and why? One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is your time. So why not make a simple voucher for a dinner out with dad, or a coffee with grandma.
Finally, remember to be kind to yourself! Keep an eye out for tell-tale signs of stress such as tense muscles and irritability. Access serenity by sitting in silence and breathing deeply. Supplement your day with a good dose of magnesium, a critical mineral to help you cope with stress. To help you relax and unwind, homeopathic formulas specifically developed for this purpose are a good option, these are safe, gentle and effective and easy to take, particularly the oral spray.
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*Disclaimer: Some information as mentioned above has been extracted from the Go Mag.