People are more than packages

Management fees for Home Care Packages can be some of the most complex information for a person to consider in the aged care enquiry process. Barossa Village shares some of the things to consider when enquiring about aged care services.

Autumn Ready

Who doesn’t love the warm, sunny days and the crisp, cool nights of autumn? Autumn is that sweet spot, a mix between seasons where the sun’s lost the intense summer heat and just cool enough at night to gather with family and friends for a combination of summer’s favourites and a hint of comfort food to come.

Your dog ate whaaat?

Dogs are special creatures when it comes to putting things in their mouths; the things they choose to chew on and swallow will never cease to amaze me.

Tips to get body and mind back on track

Do you start every year on January 1 (or even every week on Monday) vowing to eat better and drink less? If feeling better is on your radar, an effective plan for detoxing your body, liver, mind and lifestyle combines cleansing superfoods, herbs and supplements.

Kroshel’s Mobile Store

The concept of home delivery was fairly common in the 1900’s with bakers, grocers and butchers each delivering goods to your doorstep. However, Barossa local, Collin Kroshel (1921 - 2017), took this idea to another level with his dream of creating a mobile store to serve the needs of the local community.

Growing your own herbs at home

Widely used in cooking, herbs are a great and easy way to elevate your home cooking to the next level.

Barossa Council Update – Autumn 2022

Find out the latest updates for what’s going on in the Barossa Council area.

Volunteering is for all ages and abilities

Along with the staff who wonderfully care for older people in our community, volunteers have always been at the heart of Barossa Village, supporting staff and clients across the organisation.

Styles of the social season

From office Christmas parties to dinners with friends as well as the big day, the time is now for your warm weather party wardrobe to shine!

Bounce back with B vitamins!

When it comes to staying energised and reducing stress, there’s no denying B vitamins play a vital role!

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