Planting by the moon

Gardening by the moon is not a new concept, and no, it doesn’t mean gardening in the middle of the night! It has been around for a very long time and in recent times, has had a resurgence in popularity.

Feeling fatigued?

We all get a bit tired from time to time. If you need an energy boost, here are some ideas to consider.

Barossa Council Update – Autumn 2023

Find out the latest updates for what’s going on in the Barossa Council area.

Awaken the senses for autumn

When preparing the home for the cooler months, the bathroom may not be the first place that comes to mind. However, now that we’re beginning to retreat into our homes, its important for that sanctuary feel to extend to every room!

The Preserving Works

Lion Brand groceries were produced by D & J Fowler, and their main Adelaide building, topped with a lion statue, still stands at North Terrace as the Lion Arts Factory.

Cats get arthritis too…

As we head into the cooler weather, we all become more aware of stiff or sore joints. Dogs tell us when things hurt. They limp, they are slow to get up and they don’t want to run around as much. Our feline friends are much better at hiding these signs.

Health and Healing through Hydrotherapy

As we age changes occur to our muscles and sensorimotor systems which can decrease mobility, lead to pain or stiffness and negatively affect balance and posture. These changes can lead to older people becoming more prone to falls and injury which can affect their ability and confidence to exercise or even engage in daily movement activities like walking the dog, for example. Additionally other health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, depression or dementia which become more prevalent with age may also factor into a decrease in mobility and overall wellbeing.

Barossa Council Update – Summer 2022

Find out the latest updates for what’s going on in the Barossa Council area.

More than just a Chemist

Warnecke’s long running Chemist & Druggist store in Gawler Street, Nuriootpa closed around 1922, leaving an opening for a new pharmacist in town.

A pat a day keeps the doctor at bay: The benefits of animal therapy

Animal-assisted therapy, also known as ‘pet therapy’, facilitates guided animal interaction with an individual or group with the aim of improving physical and mental health.

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