How many feline friends do you have?

As pet ownership is on the rise and many of us are finding companionship and love in our animal friends, multi-pet households are increasing.

‘The Schrapel Emporium’

Ernst Schrapel was born in Tanunda, 1861. Over his lifetime he was described as having ‘enterprise, good judgment and a tremendous capacity for work’.

Supporting healthy blood sugar

A healthy lifestyle brings the rewards, because what you do consistently is going to lead to results.

Craze for glaze!

There are few things better than the signs of spring and warm weather. After a long dreary winter, spring is time to bring the colour back into your home.

Barossa Council Update – Spring 2021

Find out the latest updates for what’s going on in the Barossa Council area.

Gardening terminology explained…

For a novice gardener, horticultural terms, practices and scientific plant names can feel like another language (which it basically is! Generally Latin) and seem a little intimidating.

Retirement Living & Aged Care – Where to Start?

Planning for your retirement or finding help in your home can be overwhelming, with most people asking “Where do I start?”

Keith and Janet’s Vine Change

Barossa Village retirement living clients Keith and Janet Hoppo are enjoying living closer to family and services at their new home in Tanunda.

Your guide to winter fashion

The farewell to warmer days is tough, however a new wardrobe awaits! The switch of the season also signals a few months of cosiness and comfort ahead, and you can look forward to changing up your wardrobe for something a little more layered, textured and fun.

Sheep or goats are the new pets

Pet ownership in Australia is common, and while we generally think of a gorgeous tabby cat or a bouncing Labrador, here in the Barossa and Mid North we are seeing a new kind of pet.

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