Embracing Social Connection: The Vitality of Seniors’ Health and Wellbeing

As we age, the significance of social connections becomes more apparent. Beyond being enjoyable, engaging in social interactions and exploring the world can have various health benefits that can improve physical and mental health.

Celebrating with a Bang

Many children growing up in Australia in the 1950s, 60s and 70s may remember one special evening held annually on November 5 – Guy Fawkes Night or ‘Cracker Night’.

Protecting brain power and preserving joints – the natural approach to ageing well

As we age, looking after our bodies and minds becomes increasingly important for a fulfilling and active life. While ageing is an inevitable journey, adopting natural health practices can significantly contribute to the preservation of joint mobility and cognitive health.

Berry good for you!

For any gardener, picking handfuls of fresh, sweet homegrown berries over the warmer months is one of life’s simple and delicious pleasures. The hardest thing is getting them inside and not being tempted to eat them all straight off the plant!

Barossa Council Update – Autumn 2024

Find out the latest updates for what’s going on in the Barossa Council area.

The magic of fragrance

As the crisp autumn air settles in, many people turn to home fragrances to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere indoors. Autumn in Australia means the days are shorter, the nights are cooler and events like Easter and the AFL season are on the calendar, the leaves are falling and it’s time for harvest.

Mosquito risks

Mosquito numbers are still at high levels across the state compared to previous years. SA Health has reduced its hierarchy of response to threat level two (medium).*

Dr Google – curse or blessing?

To Google is to be human….an interesting saying I recently heard. Humans are inquisitive and like to have answers, or at least to investigate what the answer might be.

Electrifying the Barossa

The early 1900s witnessed the introduction of electricity to the Barossa. As the century progressed, new business opportunities began to flourish.

Nurturing your well-being during the festive season

Embracing the festive spirit while maintaining your well-being can be a challenge. The Go Vita team understands the intricacies of balancing indulgence and health during the holiday season. Here are our top seven tips on how you can eat, drink, be merry – and thrive!

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