A ‘mostly’ portrait and ‘brief’ interview series by professional photographer Pete Thornton exploring the idea that one image has the power to tell the whole story. Each ‘sitter’ suggests the next person to be photographed in this series, and thus ensues an interesting and unknown trail of Barossa identities to come.

Stay tuned… Pete.


Lachlan Colwill, Image by Pete Thornton of What Pete Shot. The third in a series of portraits on Barossa identities.


Lachlan Colwill


A simple, primal and old as time method of cooking that Lachlan Colwill of Hentley Farm Restaurant has found himself returning back too.  Lachlan is drawn to the simplicity of cooking with fire and red gum for the incredible flavours imparted on the food from smoke and flame.

It really is in stark contrast to his years of training in world class facilities, using the best kitchen ‘tools’ and techniques. But a desire to reinvent himself and his food has seen this chef originally from Freeling include this earliest of cooking techniques back into his arsenal to ensure his customers have the most amazing food experience here in the Barossa.

This chef seems to be in a pretty good place right now, driving quality and innovation in food, whilst helping build a destination in the Barossa with wide acclaim and recognition.