On Wednesday March 6th 2019, The Leader Newspaper published a special feature to celebrate International Women’s Day, held on Friday March 8th.

Complimenting the lead story in the newspaper were multiple articles highlighting local women in business. Read on to learn about some of the regions ambitious female business owners and staff.

Barossa Rental Specialists

>> Jodie Reimann, Administration Coordinator and Lisa Akeroyd, Director of Barossa Rental Specialists.
Tell us a bit about the business… Describe your role?

I see myself as the caretaker of a landlord’s valuable property. I develop rental management strategies and facilitate day-to-day operations with a high level of personal service. To do this I also need a reliable team as our company rapidly grows.

I am grateful for Jodie Reimann as my Administration Co-ordinator, who is equally committed to our business and to this industry. 

We are both very “hands on” and enjoy building good working relationships with our landlords, tenants and tradespeople.

What do you enjoy most about your business? 

It’s a privilege to be helping people with the next chapter in their lives.

We are passionate about rental management and want to make a difference in terms of service standards in this industry.

Do you have a motto or goal that you strive towards? 

We suggest that we are “your premium choice” because we aim to give premium service where every landlord and tenant is treated with respect. We only do rentals so we aim to do it well.

What’s that ‘something special’ that makes your day at work? 

When we solve a problem for someone. Whether it’s finding the right tenant for a landlord or the right home for a tenant, resolving a maintenance issue or just helping someone through the rental process, it always feels rewarding to be of service.

That’s the “something special” that makes this job our passion.

Do you have something you would like to share that people may not know about you? 

It appears I am the Barossa’s only Certified Professional Member of the Real Estate Institution of South Australia (REISA).

This certification recognises the efforts of members who exceed the normal requirements.

I’m proud of this, it demonstrates my commitment to professional development.

REISA believes this is a standard all members should aspire to.

40’s Café

>> Robyn McDermott – Restaurant Manager at 40’s Cafe
What separates your business from the next? 

I think what sets 40’s apart from other businesses is that we have, and continue to, provide food and service that people can  trust and enjoy. 

Not only do we have ‘dine in’ and ‘take away’ meals, 7 days a week, we also do off site catering for corporate meetings and private events featuring the pizzas we have become so well known for over the past 18 years. 

What’s that ‘something special’ that makes your day at work? 

I would have to say it’s our customers. Over the 15 (almost 16) years I have worked at 40’s I have had the privilege of meeting some amazing locals and tourists who make my day worth it. It’s not only the regulars who say hello in the street, it’s the customers and tourists who have moved away or live elsewhere and make a point of coming in if they are back in the valley just to say hi. I think that’s very special. 

Also the staff. They are a great bunch of people who make my job a whole lot easier.

Barossa Veterinary Service

>> Principal Veterinarian, Dr Catherine Harper BSc BVMS (HDist) of Barossa Veterinary Service
What have you set out to achieve in your business? 

To be an integral part of the community that is there not only in emergencies but in promoting best possible lifelong wellness for family pets and supporting farmers to be more sustainable and profitable. Our aim is to give back through sponsorship and community education as well as providing a stable workplace with good growth and job opportunity for those living in our community.

How would you describe your work/life balance?

Constant imbalance – you try to spend more time and home and then something happens at work and you are called back and then you think you have a clear day at work to get through a job list and then my daughter is sick. It really is a juggle and I would not survive without the support of my husband and family.

What’s that ‘something special’ that makes your day at work? 

Working with a great team of staff to achieve great outcomes for our patients and their owners. It is a stressful industry with often stressful and difficult situations to be navigated, having a wonderful team around you to support and and help with the challenges and also celebrate the successes makes such a big difference and I would not be able to do it without them.

Nuriootpa Chicken Centre

>> Amira Hamzy of Nuriootpa Chicken Centre
What do you enjoy most about your business (or being a woman in business)? 

I really love the day-to-day challenge of operating a business. However, I pride myself on trying to always be happy and present in a positive manner – because I really love what I do. 

I am really passionate about our Mediterranean cuisine which includes Fattoush, Hummus, Falafel and Beef Kafta. It really is an honour to be able to prepare the foods that I love to make. There is no greater satisfaction than to see our customers enjoying the true flavours of this cuisine.

What separates your business from the next? 

We’re famous for the freshness, quality and the range of food that we offer, particularly for our Mediterranean food. We proudly prepare everything on-site daily with our own hands.
It really is a labour of love, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

How would you describe your work/life balance? 

Whilst we work very hard in the shop, Kamiel and I try to enjoy a rest whenever possible. During our time away from the business, we enjoy traveling to various locations throughout the Barossa to support other local businesses. We really do have a magnificent community and it’s so enjoyable to ‘live like a Tourist’ for a day within our own region.

La Bise Wine Bar

>> Natasha Mooney of La Bise Wine Bar with her children
Hannah Dew and Louis Dew.
What do you enjoy most about your business (or being a woman in business)?

My business is very varied so I find I am doing a different job one day to the next which I enjoy. 

I am a winemaker by trade but my business needs many skills to keep it flowing and moving forward.

For these skills, I outsource a lot of local businesses to engage people more specialised than me.

So whether that be accounting, graphic design, food preparation, label printing, viticulture management, etc I find I can connect with others and learn from them while they add value to my business.

I really enjoy this connection and community that a small business can create.

What have you set out to achieve in your business? 

I think achievements in small business are always changing on a regular basis.

For me, survival in the wine industry and in a small business has meant being open to and able to change.

I have never worked towards a 3 or 5 year plan as you need to be more fluid than that.

I have tried various adventures to move forward, including vineyard ownership, starting my own brand, retail sales export sales and consulting overseas and some of these have worked and others have been a total drain of energy and/or funds.

The hard part is to see when something is not working and limit the damage.

Overall, I wanted my business to support my lifestyle and not the other way around. This has not always worked but that’s the aim.

What is one of your personal/business highlights? 

The wine bar, La Bise, has been a pleasant surprise and a highlight for me since I opened the doors two years ago. Then, it was the only wine bar in Tanunda but now there are some great options available. 

I am still honoured when people come into my small space for a drink on Friday nights whether it is to meet friends, explore a new place or be educated about wine styles that I offer.

That is what I wanted to create for Tanunda and I am proud that I have been able to do that and open the door for other businesses to do the same.

Ron Kendall Audiology

>> Clinicians Cindy Nickle and Nicole Emes of Ron Kendall Audiology
Tell us a bit about the business… Describe your role.

Ron Kendall Audiology has been helping people hear for over 29 years, With 8 locations, specialising in tinnitus management, hearing rehabilitation and conservation.

As clinicians at Ron Kendall Audiology, our passion is to monitor hearing, rehabilitate and choose clinically suitable hearing devices to connect our patients to the world again.

What do you enjoy most about your business (or being a woman in business)?

Nicole – What gets me up in the morning is knowing every day I’m helping people, what I do in a day makes a difference and improves the quality of life for so many, to me, that’s everything.

What have you set out to achieve in your business?

Nicole – The Ron Kendall Audiology team set out to make a real difference in peoples lives, from the moment you walk through our door you’re an extension of our family, we guide you through the journey of hearing rehabilitation and ensure you’re supported every step of the way. Wearing hearing aids isn’t a “one size fits all”, every patient is unique and has varying clinical and lifestyle needs, this requires not only rehabilitation through the fitting process but for years post fitting, Our team pride ourselves on supporting our patients through every step in the acoustic journey of life.

Cindy – I strive to provide professional and personal hearing services making our patients feel at home and happy to do business with Ron Kendall Audiology iHear.

In your opinion, why do you think it is important that women are recognised in business? 

Cindy – I feel it is important women are recognised in business because of what positive skills we offer as well as a different and effective approach to daily solutions.

Daisy Loves George

Anna Hayes of Daisy Loves George
Tell us a bit about the business… Describe your role.

For more than 20 years I have been lucky enough to enjoy a career that has included roles in printing, advertising and graphic design. A wonderful array of experience that has always allowed me to indulge my passion for colour, pattern and beautiful design.

After many years of city living the opportunity arose to return to my country roots here in the beautiful Barossa Valley.

The move home inspired me to open my own design studio and to share my love for simple, stylish stationery and well crafted design and graphics.

What do you enjoy most about your business (or being a woman in business)? 

I am fortunate enough to work with some amazingly diverse clients, providing a wide range of graphic design and printing services including commercial, packaging, print media, wedding and social stationery projects.

Opening our new retail store and studio space in the Tanunda main street has allowed me a wonderful opportunity to continue the design work I love and share my passion for beautiful stationery products from Australia and around the world.

What is one of your personal/business highlights? 

Fifteen years ago, while on a road trip to country NSW, my husband and I had a long conversation about how wonderful it would be to open a stationery store in the Barossa Valley.

With a young family and busy careers on the other side of the country, it never really seemed a possibility.

To be here all this time later, doing the very thing we dreamed about, is most definitely a highlight for me personally and professionally.

Defined Interiors

>> Sharon Brighurst of Defined Interiors
What separates your business from the next? 

There is no other local business that can assist home owners to sell their existing homes and can personalise and decorate their new home.

As a successful woman in business, what advice could you give to other businesses? 

If you are passionate about your business and are willing to put in the hard work, the benefits will definitely be worth it, an achievement to be proud of.

In your opinion, why do you think it is important that women are recognised in business? 

It is usually presumed that businesses are run by a partnership or support but a lot of women as myself have set up and run a successful business on our own.

Black Bird Coffee House

>> Taylah and Courtney Koch of Black Bird Coffee House

Black Bird Coffee House prides itself on exceptional customer service, outstanding fresh food using quality local ingredients, homemade sweets and a perfect cup of coffee made by professional baristas. 

This coffee house opened in April 2017 by its new owners, Taylah and Courtney Koch who are twin sisters. 

We embarked on ownership of the business at just 19 years of age. Although many people say we seem too young to be taking on this responsibility. However we have worked in three different businesses whilst in school and share over 10 years of hospitality experience between us. 

What do you enjoy most about your business (or being a woman in business)?

We enjoy the challenge that each day brings and the opportunity to meet new people. We love making each and everyone’s experience at the cafe one to remember. It is so rewarding getting positive feedback about our food and coffee and building the connections with the customers that keeps them coming back.

Do you have a motto or goal that you strive towards?

We strive towards being the best that we can. Every food item and coffee that we create is handcrafted to a high quality and served to the customers liking. We are always looking at ways to improve our cafe and service to ensure the best possible experience for our diners. 

Alabaster Store

>> Co-owners Skye and Donna of Alabaster Store

Alabaster Store is a lifestyle store that showcases a range of beautiful and unique home-wares, fashion and accessories, for people searching for that special something with a point of difference. 

Our products are handmade, fair-trade and sustainable and we always try to fill our store with things that we love and things that make us smile! 

We want people to feel warmth and energy when they walk through our doors. People will find that unique piece, something that they can connect with, something that has a story behind it.

We try to support local makers, whether that be Barossa, Adelaide or interstate and we encourage people to become conscious consumers, to think about the maker behind the product, the materials used and the way it was crafted. 

Donna and I (Skye) are co-owners of Alabaster Store have now been running the business for just over 1.5yrs. We share the workload and work together across all areas of the business.  Both Donna and I have young families so it’s important we communicate frequently and share the jobs, big or small, to try and keep things running smoothly (from both sides!) As for work-life balance… we don’t have that down pat yet but I honestly think it’s more about working out your priorities and going from there!

What’s that ‘something special’ that makes your day at work?

Being women, we understand the feeling you get when you find the perfect outfit, or that perfect piece you’ve been seeking for your home, so to be able to provide that service to our lovely customers is pretty special. 

Julie Toth Real Estate

>> Julie Toth, Business owner of Julie Toth Real Estate
What do you enjoy most about your business (or being a woman in business)?

Meeting people “clients” may they be Vendors, Purchasers, Landlords or tenants the trust they have in me is a wonderful feeling.

What is one of your personal/business highlights? 

When our clients are happy with us, our services and are more than happy to praise us with wonderful testimonial that helps us in the business. 

Do you have a motto or goal that you strive towards?

Yes, a smooth and happy outcome for all my clients. By giving professional service combined with experience and qualifications, to ensure all our clients receive the best personal service and attention.

As a successful woman in business, what advice could you give to other businesses?

Be devoted and dedicated to your business, always give your best to your client, be honest and reliable.

Tomfoolery Wines 

>> Tomfoolery Wines business owner Sarah Chipman.

Tomfoolery produces hand crafted wines from a range of varieties grown in the Barossa, Eden Valley and Adelaide Hills regions. We craft the wines using a minimalistic philosophy to highlight aromatics and flavour. In the last 12 months we have renovated and opened a Cellar Door and Bed & Breakfast accommodation on site so we can welcome visitors to stay and they can even arrive by helicopter as the winery is complete with its own helipad!

What do you enjoy most about your business (or being a woman in business)?

I really enjoy being a part of a small business here in the Barossa as it has introduced me to some wonderful and like minded people. I have found inspiration from those who we are surrounded by which has encouraged me and given me the confidence to give things a go and implement new ideas to the company.

I also love the team we have created and really enjoy working with the people I do each day.

Do you have a motto or goal that you strive towards? 

Always believe in yourself and own your mistakes, the best thing about maybe not getting right the first time means that we can do it better the next.

Smart Start Dietetics & Barossa Exercise Physiology

>> Suzannah Smart of Smart Start Dietetics & Melanie Kaye of Barossa Exercise Physiology
Tell us a bit about the business… Describe your role.

Smart Start Dietetics is a private practice that helps people who are confused about what they should be eating, people who need to eat a certain way for their medical conditions and also a lot of people who know exactly what they should be doing but need a bit of support, guidance or mindset coaching.

Barossa Exercise Physiology hope to break barriers when it come to fears towards movement (exercise). Exercise plays such a major role in longevity, rehabilitation and mental wellbeing – it’s only fair everyone gets a chance to learn their exercise style.

What’s that ‘something special’ that makes your day at work?

I feel so lucky that I get to help people improve their lives, every day. The most amazing feeling is when I’ve been working with a client and they start seeing benefits from the changes they’ve made – whether that’s having more energy, better gut health, lower blood sugar or cholesterol levels, gaining control over their emotional eating, or their clothes fitting more comfortably. It’s even better when the changes are sustainable ones that they feel like they can keep doing for life! – Suzannah

People often approach me with a long list of things they dislike, or can’t do. My day at work is made when the magic in self-belief come out of the client! Some find it in conquering a specific exercise, some finding a routine and others in the simple act of putting themselves first.- Mel

Elemental Barossa

>> Lisa Ognjanovic of Elemental Barossa
What do you enjoy most about your business (or being a woman in business)? 

Connecting people to their purchases through telling the story behind the products. As a society I feel we are disconnected from the people who make our products.

Through Elemental Barossa I tell people the story behind a beautiful piece of jewellery and how your purchase can, and does change lives. 

I want people to know that a women’s group in Swaziland is supporting their families through their purchase.

Or, the fairtrade fashion that is now in store is made by women earning a wage they can live on, with a creche for their children and not working in poor conditions. Sharing that connection is important to me.

What have you set out to achieve in your business? 

I set out to provide beautiful handmade and ethically sourced products and this is still at our core.

However, things have changed and evolved and I’m now supporting products that help you live a sustainable life, things that can be reused and help you reduce your waste.

Reusable produce bags, SWAGS – the best thing to keep vegetables fresh plastic free, reusable takeaway coffee mugs and reusable straws to name a few. Things that help us tread more gently on this amazing planet of ours.

Vineyard Mates

>> Trina Thompson, business owner of Vineyard Mates
What separates your business from the next? 

Helping vineyard owners be sustainable and successful – Vineyard Mates is for small to medium-sized vineyard owners who are dissatisfied with their current vineyard management and lack of results or who simply want to maintain growth.  We specialize in vineyard management and operational services supporting vineyard owners to identify, plan and manage their vineyards in order to produce and maintain quality wine grapes.

As a successful woman in business, what advice could you give to other businesses? 

Work on your own life before anything else (after all, we only get one chance!) and be deliberate about where you focus your time and energy. 

Work out where you want to be, what you need to focus on to get there and what is holding you back. 

Have the self-belief to embrace every opportunity fully and ignite your potential. This way you will create a career, business and life to love and thrive in.

Marx Real Estate

>> Director/Sales Consultant, Sara La Nauze of Marx Real Estate
What’s that ‘something special’ that makes your day at work? 

What I love about every day in real estate is that there is never one day that is like the last, you never know who will call or walk through your door to ask for your assistance.

We are so lucky that we get to meet so many amazing people within our community, sometimes we are in their lives for a moment and others for much longer.

I love the connection that we can make with people and the impact we can make to create a positive change within their lives.

Regularly the hardest thing for people selling their homes is “where do they start”, what do they tidy and who can do it for them?

I love to be able to go to houses prior to people being ready for this step and giving them the clarity of what they can do and linking them with the people who can bring about the transformations or assistance that they need to move forward to sell their homes.

I would like to think that we not only sell houses, we are also here to give you the answers you are seeking when it comes to selling your home.

In your opinion, why do you think it is important that women are recognised in business? 

As a woman in business, it is a great time to be blazing a trail in our recognised industries. To be standing up and not being afraid to show who we are and why we are so passionate about the industries that we are in.

Barossa Funerals

>> Chris Bartsch and Marianne Noack of Barossa Funerals

At Barossa Funerals we walk alongside our families to plan the farewell of their loved one.

We are here to help you bring your thoughts together to plan a farewell that is fitting for your family.  

We offer choices as we talk about your very special person, helping your ideas to come together, maybe a special song, the flowers they loved or something uniquely special to include in their farewell.

What separates your business from others?

While we are a small business, we are committed to serving our community.  This is our contribution to help families through their journey of loss.  There is no greater privilege than to share this time with the family.

Do you have a motto or goal that you strive towards?

To share the journey with our families, in a caring and professional manner.

This is a very special time, the sadness of their loss, but often the joy that comes with speaking about their loved one, can help to ease their burden.  We have the privilege of sharing the Funeral day with the family, being a trusted familiar face on a day which is filled with emotion, and providing a gentle hand of support, is why we as women, are very proud to be working in our role. 

Texture & Hue

>> Sarah Craker-Stollznow and Krystal Hili of Texture & Hue
Tell us a bit about the business… Describe your role.

Sarah and I started the salon nine years ago with the intention of opening a space where we can do what we love and provide a service we could be proud of.

We are a hairdressing salon with a brow bar and offer other selected specialist beauty services.

The salon offers a beautiful, private, light filled, relaxing environment where our team can transform any clients hair or brow needs so they can leave looking fresh and feeling good about themselves.

How would you describe your work/life balance? 

The work /life balance is good.

We have worked incredibly hard over the nine years we have been in business to get to the point where we are now.

We have a great relationship with our amazing staff who love and care for the salon as much as we do and that makes the world of difference.

There are weeks where we put in more after hours time and others when the business runs smoothly and relatively easily.

Between the four of us women working in the space we have 7 children collectively who are the centre of our lives and with the support from each other we manage to prop each other up and allow ourselves the flexibility to be present at home when we need to be. This is probably one aspect that makes us very proud of our business.

As a successful woman in business, what advice could you give to other businesses? 

My advice to other women in business is to persevere.

We have been in business for ten years next year and we certainly didn’t start out with all of the answers! Especially if you are in your early years, owning your own business can be very challenging and have its stresses, but I promise it’s worth it.

Seek advice, look for further education, attend seminars with people whom you admire. Grow, trust and work hard and the rewards will come in time.

With a young family at home and a husband who also runs his own incredibly busy, fast paced business, I understand how it can all get a bit hard to juggle and I see how many women feel the pressure early on to close up and simplify life. If you outsource what you can and invest in good help you can achieve anything.

Saskia Beer Farm Produce

>> Saskia Beer of Saskia Beer Farm Produce
Tell us a bit about the business… Describe your role.

My business revolves around producing the best primary produce (free range chicken, game and Berkshire pork) in the country which we also use in our catering arm of the business – to create unique menus for events at wineries, in homes, sheds, barrel halls and board rooms.

We also supply our produce to the best chefs and retailers in Australia.

What have you set out to achieve in your business?

I would like to create unique food experiences for people – whether that be unique menus that we create, cooking classes or large events. I want to showcase all that the Barossa has to offer in food and wine.

What separates your business from the next?

What separates our business is the ability to utilise our own produce and the extended Beer family produce in our menu creations. We are very blessed to have such a food history to draw on and be able to re-imagine that for our customers.

Eden Valley Hotel

Cassaly Fitzgerald of the Eden Valley Hotel
Tell us a bit about the business… Describe your role.

I am the owner and operator of the wonderful pub in Eden Valley. My family, team and I feel like custodians of the history inside these walls and are proud to bring back to this pub the laughter, stories and community spirit that it deserves. We are community focused but also one of the ambassadors to this amazing region. We welcome visitors like they are locals and local’s like they are family (a lot of them are!). Our food offering is proudly created by Cheryl Maywald who champions the pub classics along side seasonal creations and daily specials. When possible the pub raises funds through raffles and donations to give to organisations such as Kind Hearted Kitchen, McGrath Foundation, Beyond Blue, Buy a Bale and HeartKids. I have a strong belief in giving when I can and as long as I am able I always will. 

What does your business offer? Do you have any specialties or exclusive benefits? 

Apart from being a welcoming community pub, we are also proud to be the Cellar Door for Max & Me Wines. This collaboration with Phil and Sarah Lehmann began unknowingly before we bought the Eden Valley Hotel. In 1998 my husband Mick and his parents, with the help from family, planted Shiraz and Cabernet vines at Boongarrie Estate in Eden Valley; which Phil and Sarah purchased some years later. These Fitzgerald vines are now creating Max & Me wines. 

The Vet Clinic & For Pets Sake

>> Suzanne Luce, owner of For Pets Sake & The Vet Clinic with ‘Peanut’.
What do you enjoy most about your business (or being a woman in business)? 

My businesses allow me to have a large amount of interaction with customers, clients and the community in general. 

I enjoy getting to know my customers and their pets, being able to watch those pets grow over time and being involved in their care throughout the course of their whole life is a real joy.

I also enjoy being able to get involved in community events as a business and the ability to nurture student’s interests in the veterinary field through work experience and placement in the clinic.

What have you set out to achieve in your business? 

In my businesses, I have set out to achieve a place where my clients feel comfortable to bring their pets, a place that they can trust and feel taken care of. 

This is both true for the clinic and the store. 

I wanted to create an atmosphere and a culture where, we as a team, will always do the best by our clients and strive to go beyond their expectations.

A very important aspect of pet care for me is to minimise the stress involved, whether that be through veterinary care or through assisting a customer with getting the correct pet product to suit their needs.

What is one of your personal/business highlights?

When we, as a team, designed and opened our new veterinary clinic at 24 Murray Street in 2015, that was both a personal and business highlight. 

I had been working towards creating a modern, efficient and inviting space for my customers since I took over the clinic in 2011. 

It was a real pleasure to be involved in designing this space and to oversee and personally assist in making it happen. 

It was made more special on a personal level as my parents came to help out all the way from Canada!

We celebrated this with our clients through an open day and I was thrilled that so many of them came to share in the celebrations.

The involvement and dedication from my team proved that we really are more like family than just staff.

What’s that ‘something special’ that makes your day at work?

Each and every day, I work to help people create the best environment for their pet and that always gives me a good feeling but to be able to help someone solve a problem or be involved in the recovery of a sick pet and see the relief and happiness on the owner’s face is certainly a highlight and always makes my day.

If I can make a positive difference for one pet owner each day then that has been a successful day for me.

Krondorf Creek Farm

>> Jess Greatwich of Krondorf Creek Farm
What do you enjoy most about your business (or being a woman in business)?

The freedom to make decisions based on our core business principles rather than on “how things should be done.” We can make choices that prioritise the quality of our wine, provide our guests with exceptional service, honour our business philosophies and support our family, rather than make decisions based on financial imperatives. It’s a great privilege and one we take very seriously. Being a woman in business, I particularly enjoy the opportunity to be an example of what is possible in the world – that by striving for excellence and running a successful business I can provide a moment of self belief for another woman in the same way that I have been inspired by so many women in business over the years. “If she can do it, so can I.”

What have you set out to achieve in your business?

We have a driving passion to return Krondorf Creek Farm to its former glory as a productive and bustling mixed farming property, which specifically showcases our estate wines. We strive to offer one of the best Cellar Door experiences in the Barossa, placing our link in the chain of generous Barossa hospitality that stretches back 170 years.

What separates your business from the next?

We are a true estate, meaning that we only make wine from grapes we have grown ourselves and that further, we grow all our fruit here in the beautiful alluvial loam soil of Krondorf Creek Farm. James planted our 13 acre vineyard 17 years ago and today it forms the beating heart of everything that we do. 

We’re also very fortunate to own one of the best preserved original Hufendorf settler’s blocks left unsub-divided in the Barossa. We’ve spent 17 years restoring the many old stone buildings that cluster around our central courtyard and today you can stand here and get a real sense of what life was like for the early owners of this land. The dairy, butchery, smokehouse and barn are testament to the self-sufficient frugality of the original settlers and we’re proud to be the current custodians of this property. 

Finally, it’s this connection between our vines, our business and our wines that led us to decide to offer our wines exclusively through our Cellar Door. We have no retail, restaurant or wholesale distribution whatsoever; every bottle of wine we sell goes directly from our hands to the hands of our customers in our Cellar Door. We invite our guests to visit our property, see the vineyards, experience the beautiful old buildings and enjoy a wine of true provenance.

Do you have something you would like to share that people may not know about you?

I used to be the ‘lion’ in a cruelty-free circus. I can juggle (fire, bowling balls, machetes…) ride a unicycle and stilt walk but in my heart I’ll always be in my lion suit and pink tutu, handing out lollypops to the littlest members of the audience. It’s a good lesson for life, actually…. You never know who is behind the mask!

Kapunda Newsagency

>> Wendy Brown and Karen Lanning from the Kapunda Newsagency are always ready to assist their customers with a diverse range of products and services.
Tell us a bit about the business… Describe your role.

I am in partnership with my partner of 10 years Robert. Eight years ago we had a vision that we needed to diversify our business. So after visiting a few newsagencies in surrounding towns to gain an insight into what other stores were offering, we decided to increase our giftware and toy selection and included electrical items. This has been embraced by the local community and our business keeps growing every year. We are really happy with the choices we made. Our business prides itself on great service always with a smile and we support anything local whether it be a monetary donation to a sporting club or a gift item for a raffle.

Robert and I believe you get what you put in and we both love what we do. I am responsible for purchasing the goods we sell, creating displays, organising events within the store e.g. VIP night and cancer council’s big morning tea. I believe in trying to bring at least two new things to the business each year to avoid becoming stale. My main role is customer service. Robert as well as assisting with customer service, is responsible for most of the paperwork behind the scenes, electrical deliveries and delivers the papers. We are lucky to have a fantastic team who work for us and of course what’s a business without
loyal customers.

What do you enjoy most about your business (or being a woman in business)?

I enjoy the rapport I have with most customers and feel very blessed to be invited into their lives. I also love creating displays and coming up with new and different ideas, and I cant deny I love the shopping for giftware.

What have you set out to achieve in your business?

We have set out to achieve quality products at good prices and excellent customer service.

What separates your business from the next?

All eight employees live in Kapunda and are community driven. We have a large range of items and services available.

How would you describe your work/life balance?

Living in the town with not a lot of travel time to work we have a day off in the week and Saturday is always a family day and so we feel happy with the balance we have.

What is one of your personal/business highlights?

Being able to provide and live the dream we have worked so hard for.

Leader Print

Helena Carapetis of Leader Print
Tell us a bit about the business… Describe your role.

As the first point of contact for any printing enquiries, I am able to quote for a range of printing work, offer advice on print-related details such as stocks and file setup as well as offering graphic design from initial concept to final output. From flyers and posters to stickers and signage, Leader Print offers a broad range of print and design services to help clients effectively promote their business or organisation.

What do you enjoy most about your business?

I love the opportunity to work with a range of local people, assisting them with the design and production of printed material.

I particularly enjoy designing material to help clients achieve an effective piece of communication, whether this is for promotional purposes or a variety of other projects that require printed solutions.

What separates your business from the next? 

We offer a reliable and affordable local service, including the timely delivery of printed material within the Barossa. We are proud to support our local community and work hard to provide a professional service with the best possible quality. Being part of the community means that we can offer a more personalised service and have a greater insight and understanding of our clients’ needs.