The Summer Cup

A great cocktail is one that pairs fabulous ingredients to the mood and the moment. There are plenty of Summer cocktails that might do the trick, but for us The Summer Cup just seems to tick all the boxes. It’s also really easy to put together!

The Summer Cup cocktail by Barossa Distilling Co

We are pairing our own Summer Gin, Budburst with the Classic Pimm’s and Lemonade, to create a cocktail thirst quencher to beat them all. Fruity and refreshing with a depth that makes it delicious.

This recipe is designed for a large wine glass but if you have a group of friend’s round, dig out the water jugs in the back of the cupboard. Rinse off the dust and load them up with ice and fruit and simply multiply the quantities below to fill the jug.


  • Plenty of ice
  • Sliced Strawberries, Orange and Lemon
  • Mint Leaves
  • 30 ml Barossa Distilling Budburst Gin
  • 30 ml Pimms
  • 200 ml (approx.) of a good quality lemonade


Mint leaves tips


A large wine glass


Simply fill your glass with ice, then tuck in a few sliced Strawberries, a couple of 1/2 slices of Orange, a couple of 1/2 slices of lemon and 4 or 5 fresh Garden Mint leaves.

Pour over the Gin, followed by the Pimms and then top up to 3/4 full with the lemonade.

Easy as that. Have a fabulous summer. Cheers!

Neil Bullock of Barossa Distilling Co


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