Bee’s Knees

Our Bee’s Knees cocktail celebrates the bright golden hues, flavours of rich toffee, caramel characters, tropical fruits and honey of the Semi-Gin.

Classic Vanilla Slice

A classic vanilla slice, is there anything better? Light, crunchy puff pastry custard slices are the perfect dessert, morning or afternoon tea or party treat

Banana & Oat Pancakes

With plenty of fibre and protein, these pancakes will keep you going all morning. It’s so easy to make the batter in the blender and you can even pour it straight into the pan! If you need them dairy free, simply swap the milk for a dairy-free alternative.

Vine Vale Winemaker’s Shed Day

A collective of small family winemakers from the sub-region of Vine Vale, sharing their winemaking secrets to lovers of estate-grown Barossa wine.

Lemon Posset with Short bread

This dessert is a favourite of our Executive Chef, Derek Salmon, as it originated from the UK. It is also a great vegetarian option is it sets and thickens thanks to the acid in the lemon juice and not by the addition of gelatine.

The Wattle Seed Inn

Following the success of The Farm at Peppertree Crossing, Leonie Kelsall continues to capture hearts with her second rural romance novel, The Wattle Seed Inn.

Anlaby Spring Festival

The smell of spring is in the air as Anlaby Gardens opens once more for a delightful weekend

Wine Reviews for Spring by Tyson Stelzer

A curated list of top Barossa wines to try this Spring

Tony Kuchel Memorial Round-Up

The Tony Kuchel Memorial Round-Up is an open invite Australia-wide for entrants to bring their own car, truck, motorbike or other vehicle. All makes and models are welcome.

Cutting through the barriers

Winding its way westward from Tanunda, Stonewell Road provides a glimpse of an ancient soil profile as the hill rises gently and the road cuts through to reveal ochre coloured horizons.

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