Two local businesses with two bright and bubbly front runners have combined their specialities to create the Barossa’s very own ‘Cold Broo’ – which can now be officially purchased around the region.


Mr Damien Mulholland, Bean Addiction and Mrs Lisa Werner, Jersey Fresh have joined forces to produce the Barossa’s very own ‘Cold Broo’.

One hundred percent arabica coffee beans from Bean Addiction, Nuriootpa have been blended with the creamy milk from Jersey Fresh, Greenock to create a sugar free, local cold brew iced coffee.

Mr Damien Mulholland from Bean Addiction approached Mrs Lisa Werner from Jersey Fresh with the idea of making something that incorporates light milk with coffee.

“An iced coffee product was always something dad (the late Jeff Kernich) said he wanted to do. In my mind I went we have no space in our teeny tiny factory but when Damien approached me and I thought about it I went, this could work,” said Lisa.

Damien explained how the community are ‘very buzzed’ about the product after he and Lisa took 200 samples up to the Barossa Farmers Market a month ago, with feedback already very positive.

Lisa laughed as she told The Leader how they already have a bloke, who was addicted to Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee, lined up for orders of two litres a week.

The pair both agreed that the perception of the Barossa is still very much about wine, and that this is a great opportunity to show that we’re quite diverse with new products becoming iconic and new faces.

“We’re starting by just launching in the Barossa, giving them a product to call their own. We’ve taken an older sort of Barossa business and paired it with a newer face in the Barossa and the excitement we’re getting from that has been wonderful,” said Lisa.

“The Barossa has given so much to us on a business and personal level so it’s almost our present to them to say this is for you guys. We may release into Adelaide one day and gauge how the market goes, but we’ll keep this our Barossa secret for awhile.”

The ‘Cold Broo’ was launched through the Barossa Farmers Market on Saturday, which the duo say has been a really good portal to show off their product and get it through to the community, and they deserve a bit of ownership too according to Damien.

Besides the Barossa Farmers Market, the ‘Cold Broo’ will be available at cafes, delis, supermarkets and convenience stores across the region.

The pair have also been approached by local wineries to have the drink as a cellar door product, providing an option for those designated drivers.


“We’ve taken an older sort of Barossa business and paired it with a newer face in the Barossa and the excitement we’re getting from that has been wonderful”


In terms of the actual product, the coffee has been purposely blended for a cold brew and isn’t bitter, meaning it added with a bit of sweet Jersey Fresh milk makes for a really palatable product.

“Although it’s not a terribly punchy drink in terms of flavour as it is a cold brew, it’s a highly caffeinated drink because of that process. You can taste the coffee and taste it really well, this thing will carry you across the day,” laughed Damien.

Lisa added, “ We’re always really proud of ourselves at Jersey Fresh with having a product that has nothing added to it, no gelatine or thickeners. I’m loving the fact we’re working with a business that feels the same and it’s been a great partnership that will continue.”

The successful collaboration between both Lisa and Damien was also evident when they had to get creative together to make a label for their bottles.

It is a nice clean black and white label, but touches on some humour which has received great feedback from the local community.

Damien contacted Lisa with the idea to change ‘brew’ to ‘broo’, because as we all know, cows go moo!

“We’ve got a traditional product but we want to show we can have some fun with it. We’ve got a cow with icicles on it and a coffee bean nose,” said Damien.

Although the product has only just been officially launched, the duo both agreed there is so much potential for the future.

Lisa explained that this is a product to lead to other products, such as working with fruit producers around the valley to create a flavoured milk or work with some of the small local chocolate businesses to make a chocolate milk.

Lisa and Damien may even produce a strong iced coffee down the track!

“There’s only a short line of product for the present and we’ll see how it all goes. Should that work out then we’ll look at more equipment and production, oh and a lot more coffee,” said Damien.

“There’s also room for employment, with both our businesses keen to expand and hire new staff. The main reason I started this business, besides obviously needing to keep myself going, was I was desperate to get people employed.

“Should this be a product the Barossa loves, we’ll get more of it out there!”




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To connect with Jersey Fresh and find out more you can visit their Facebook page, contact them direct on (08) 8562 8113 or via email on carcoolajersey@bigpond.com




To connect with Bean Addicition and find out more you can visit their website, contact Damien on (08) 8562 2680 or via email on damien@beanaddiction.com.au