A gentleman never blows his own trumpet

For 34 years, Gordon Alderslade has been a dependable figure in the Barossa Valley, providing reliable service, jobs, and opportunities to our community as manager of Barossa Valley Toyota.

A winning spirit on and off the pitch

Peek inside the inner sanctum of ‘The Schlungers’ and you’ll find a club as tight as the veil of secrecy that surrounds it. The traditions and rituals passed down through the annals of Greenock Cricket Club are matched only by the creativity of those who invented them.

Destined to perform

Chloe Seabrook has been performing since she was eight years old. Her love for the stage began in musical theatre and she has performed in countless musicals with Adelaide Youth Theatre and other companies through her young teens.

Teacher’s pets

Some people say you should never work with children or animals. No one told Sally Pfeiffer that. For this retired teacher, grandmother, and wildlife carer, they’re two of life’s greatest pleasures.

Heart and sole

For more than 40 years he’s worked with care and commitment to restore scuffed soles and tired toe boxes, but healing John Harris’ own soul has taken a lifetime of love and trust in God’s plan.

A Sweet Treat for us all

If you’ve been to the Barossa Farmers Market recently, you may have recognised a familiar face and most definitely been tempted by the new mouth-watering addition to our popular Saturday institution.


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Cutting through the barriers

Winding its way westward from Tanunda, Stonewell Road provides a glimpse of an ancient soil profile as the hill rises gently and the road cuts through to reveal ochre coloured horizons.

A fortified love for wine

Ron Liebich walks into Liebichwein’s Cellar Door, wearing shorts, tee-shirt and trademark pair of snips clipped to his leather belt. He’s somewhat chirpy today because this Rowland Flat winemaker/grapegrower has just completed his 54th vintage and he reckons it’s a good one too.

Foundation for family

When it comes to family endeavours, the name says it all for Trevor and Marilyn Harch, owners of Brockenchack Wines. A combination of letters from their four grandchildren’s names, BROnte, MaCKENzie, CHArli and JaCK, adorn their labels, with the brand not only celebrating the couple’s inspiration, but also providing a glimpse into the future of their vision turned reality.

Kirsty Kingsley

A woman of so many talents and so many passions. The Barossa Art scene is now benefiting from one of Kirsty’s current passions, being the new ‘Wonderground’ Art gallery and Cellar door.

James March

James has the role of heading up the ‘Barossa Australia’ team – a group that advocates for all things Barossa and is charged with taking our amazing region and incredible wines to the world. Much like a game of chess, James relishes the challenge of planning, strategising and executing plans that bring the focus back on our region and the rewards that come with it.

Jim Irvine – 90 Glasses for the 90 year old ‘King of Merlot’

Jim is bright, sharp and entertaining as we chat, pour, swirl, taste and appreciate his award winning 2009 Grand Merlot, (bit special – thanks Jim!) We then spend the morning photographing the man who has achieved so much in his life and who’s name is synonymous with the Barossa and indeed in the world of wine!

Semi Gin Sangria

The ultimate companion for sunny days or the new hero cocktail for Christmas.

Spekulaas Palmiers

Palmiers are a deliciously crisp puff pastry cookie. There’s the crunch of the sugar with the crunch of the pastry while the flaky buttery layers melt in your mouth.

Sweet Mustard Pickles

In 1917, a recipe by Anna Heidenreich of Bethany was contributed to the first edition of the Barossa Cookery Book, and it packs a whole lot of classic Barossa flavour in a jar.

Jess & Ace’s Wedding

Jess Lehmann and Ace Prokopec chose to hold both their ceremony and reception at St Hugo Wines, with a backdrop of autumnal tones, the couple’s favourite season.

Britney & Ben’s Wedding

When Britney Kleinig and Ben Heinrich married after a nine-year romance, it was very much a family affair, with the couple saying their vows on the family farm before 95 guests, with Britney’s two sisters, Tanisha and Suemia as her attendants.

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