The story of the piper

The first time Alistair MacCallum performed in the land of his heritage, it felt like coming home. A lifetime of sights and sounds swirled around him as he stood behind Edinburgh Castle gates, dressed in a kilt he’d put on for the first time that morning and flanked by musicians from around the world.

Stitching sisterhood

It’s a typical Thursday morning and Eileen Bartel’s weekly masterclass is well underway in her makeshift sewing room at Angaston. The chatter flies quicker than a sewing machine needle as the assembled women use their collective wisdom to tackle matters of life and stitching.

Turning the table on life

DJ Dave Craker is unapologetic for marching to the beat of his own drum, or to be more precise, turntable. Hip hop has been a constant in Dave’s life for as long as he can remember, taking him to exhilarating heights and helping him make sense of his darkest moments.

Prue’s garden of Eden

Cutting a striking figure in the boardroom of her cellar door, it’s hard to imagine just a few hours earlier Prue Henschke was knee-deep in the vineyard, the place where she is happiest.

In his element

In a long, narrow shed on the fringes of Nuriootpa, Tom Gerlach’s focus is singular. Time slows. There are no other thoughts. On this rectangle of black mats, there is only the moment, and a playbook of how to best roll into the next.

From the hands and the mind

Neville Assad-Salha was introduced to art during high school, when his parents kindly invited an artist to stay with their family.


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Forty vintages for Elderton

Elderton Wines will celebrate its 40th vintage in 2021, and whilst heartbreak and adversity has stood in the path of the Ashmead family – the family behind the highly successful label – strength of character and unyielding determination to produce premium wine has prevailed.

Turning sand into wine

Sixth generation grapegrower, Christine Canute says she’ll never forget the day she tasted the ’97 Grenache and ’96 Shiraz made from the fruit growing just outside their Vine Vale home.

Z is for Zerk

In the words of Eurythmics’ song, “Sisters are doin’ it for themselves”, Janelle and Kristen Zerk are indeed “standin’ on their own two feet” as pioneers of a wine brand that is capturing high acclaim from Australia’s most renowned critics.

Mikiko Shimoda

Japanese born and raised Mikiko Shimoda is a world travelled chef and has now settled in the Barossa and is adding yet another interesting element to our food culture.

Bob Modra – The Sunflower man

Bob Modra is well known around the Barossa for his caring, quiet nature and for being a passionate advocate for mental health – having committed his working life to Child and Adolescent mental health.

Ellen Chatterton

Ellen has embarked on a unique venture and created a nice niche for herself in the sheep dairy market. These sheep are not what you may be used to in the Australian landscape, like Merino. Ellen is building a flock mixed with East Friesian and Awassi breeds (from the middle east) renowned for their milking ability, calm nature and consistent output.

Wholesome Garlic, Chicken and Basil Penne Pasta

Wholemeal pasta and ‘pulse pasta’ (made from legumes) are higher in protein and have more than three times as much fibre as regular pasta! Use pulse pasta or a wholemeal gluten free pasta to make this gluten free. For a dairy free option, simply omit the parmesan

Mushroom & ricotta pelmeni with caramelised celeriac sauce

This is my take on a mushroom pelmeni, that leans back to my Siberian lineage. Pelmini are traditionally meat filled dumplings, but for this recipe I have opted for a vegetarian filling. Michael The Dairyman’s mushrooms are fantastic in this recipe, but your normal swiss brown or portobellos work just as well. Feel free to add cheese and fresh herbs on top, this is a base dish to which you can add any vegetables or proteins as you wish.

Linda & Luciano’s Wedding

It was time. October 2, 2022 was the day that Linda Kaye and Luciano Peruch celebrated their love. After meeting as work colleagues, it was 15 years later that the two would marry.

Jamie & Brooke’s Wedding

While the date, Friday the 13th might appear peculiar or superstitious to some, it was more a case of ‘I can’t wait to marry this girl’ for Jamie who just couldn’t wait to propose to Brooke.

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