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A ‘mostly’ portrait and ‘brief’ interview series by professional photographer Pete Thornton exploring the idea that one image has the power to tell the whole story.

Each ‘sitter’ suggests the next person to be photographed in this series, and thus ensues an interesting and unknown trail of Barossa identities to come.

Stay tuned… Pete

>> Anna Lindner
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Anna Lindner

‘A Beginner’s Guide to Grief’ SBS TV

Excitingly, Barossa’s own Anna Lindner has been on the set of her very own TV mini series – soon to be released on SBS.  Anna is the creator, writer and lead actor in this drama comedy series about death, grief and one’s identity.

The series, heavily based on her lived experience, tells the story of a young woman who suddenly finds herself alone and rapidly spiralling out of control, after returning to Australia to care for two terminally ill parents.

Anna takes a somewhat dark comedic view in telling her story, presenting a lighter side of what is such a difficult topic.

The writing and creation of this series has been a cathartic exploration for Anna, who has experienced something many of us will have to deal with – the loss of family.

But Anna is a strong believer that grief and joy are designed to breathe together, and now also finds deep fulfilment in supporting others who find themselves coping with loss.

Personally, the timing of this story, meeting and capturing Anna has a quirky synergy… 

RIP Dad – now with your wife again.

…and I’ll leave the closing lines to Anna herself.

Pete Thornton

Death is tricky business; it is confronting, messy, traumatic, sacred and beautiful.

We avoid the subject wherever we can, but overlook the invitation it offers us… nothing calls you into presence faster than when death is near.

It pulls the veil from our eyes and asks, ‘So dear human, what are you doing with your time? Are you pouring it into that which you love? Do you really see what you have? Have you shown courage enough to look into the eyes of another today and dared to say, ‘Do you know how much I love you’? Or are you under the illusion that you’ll get around to that tomorrow?’

Anna Lindner

A Beginner’s Guide to Grief will be available on SBS and SBS On Demand late 2022.

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